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Nick Wilson Talks About Performancing Metrics Performance

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 100 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Download the new free beta Performancing Metrics here.

I really like stats and most other webmasters and SEO’s do as well. Stable positive stats over time is one of the nicest things we can hope for. While Performancing Metrics is geared more strictly towards bloggers, the need for reliable, granular data is the same.

Nick Wilson agreed to answer a few questions for me in regard to their new offering.

Firstly, Nick, what it is the differentiation factor of your stats packages versus others for blog performance software?

Well, we thought we’d miss out on the usual web2.0 hype of releasing something half baked via invite only and simply release a professional grade application specifically designed for pro bloggers that simply worked, and was available to all.

One of the main differences, is the fact that users can track as many blogs as they wish, and even track entire blog networks, or start a blog network using the system. The actual aggregated view of blog networks is not in the system yet, but it’s coming, hopefully in a week or two.

How important is statistics tracking to a professional blogger?

For some pro bloggers it’s extremely important. Being able to see how different blogs perform and how advertising performs on a blog is essential to managing a successfull income via blogging.

Having said that though, for some pro bloggers, it will simply something to help them understand how readers are finding them, and how different types of posts work in terms of participation (comments).

There’s something for most types of pro blogger, but equally we’re not a one size fits all — we’re geared toward high traffic commercial blogs, not small private blogs. There are other packages available that are better suited to some types of blogger.

What is your favorite feature thus far?

The search engine details page. I’m learning a lot, I dont like log analysers as it just seems like too much work, but looking at a web page with a whole bunch of SE info is cool.

The service has seemed to scale well, with well over 500 users in the first day of launch. What is the platform of the system?

The platform is LAMP, with some serious customization. The server setup was designed specifically for the purpose of serving thousands of blogs without slowdown to page load on the user side.

I think this is a good time to mention that you guys put the tracking code very last part of the page. This showed great forward thinking, as this way if there ever ARE slowdowns, you are not taking the user’s site down as well. I know there have been some recent issues with G analytics because they place their tracking code in the head tag which has created some downtime issues for some when the Google tracking service timed out.

I’m sure they’ll work that out, they’re a fairly clever bunch over there.

Are there any upgrades coming in the relative future that you’d like to comment on, or rather, what are your pet peeves that you really hope the developers work on soon?

Tons of stuff. Mostly little things that are starting to show now we have a larger user base giving feedback. Many of them have now been fixed and we’ll be rolling out an update later today, but what I’m really waiting for is the public viewing options, and full blog network

What is some of the future opportunity in the blog marketing metrics space that you’re hoping to do business and do business with others?

We’ve always been headed toward some kind of advertising solution for bloggers, and we hope to have that spec’d out shortly as the next stage in the companys development. As per our core philosophy, we’ll build the base, and our community will help shape the final product.

Can you tell us how you plan to use any of the data gathered from the tool, or sum up the privacy policy briefly (for us tin foil hat types)?

The privacy policy will be online later today, but essentially it says “you cant sue us, but it’s cool, cos’ we ain’t gonna do nuffin bad anyway ok?”.

Okay, but I know you’re a tin-foil conspiracy theorist about data collection and storage sometimes as well (along with many of your current and former readers at TW) – Personally, I’d be much more likely to not worry about Performancing dipping into my niches, than I would be of the larger players scooping up the traffic in a large percentage of a vertical market, but the question remains – Why should I (or others for that matter) trust you with our important metrics data?

You shouldn’t. This service isn’t aimed at seo’s. Any SEO that thinks Performancing Metrics will help her do her job needs to go back and start all over again.

If you’re an SEO, or a webmaster working with Ecommerce sites, spend the money on a high end log analysis package, not a free blog orientated stats service.

Thanks as always Nick for your extreme candor and insights. Congrats on a successful beta-launch, and I look forward to sustainable, solid, valid metrics. I hope that many others will take advantage of this great service you’re offering.

Thanks Todd, always nice to speak with you!

You can get your copy of Performancing Metrics here.

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  • Shimon Sandler

    Performancing is a fresh and innovative tool. Great job on the interview Todd:-)