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Review of Performancing Metrics

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 101 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Okay, firstly what is really better than free information that helps you to make money? Yes, there are indeed a few things, but not many. The gentleman over at have put together a nice free blog metrics tracking system that is a kind gift to those hoping to make money from their blogs.

Executive Summary
Performancing Metrics is very nice for quick top level information in a quick and easy format. It is simple to install, and gives easy access to the stuff we all love to obsess about checking. You shouldn’t really expect a full service package for free, but if your getting started, or even if you are an established blogger, this package will give you what you need and save you some headaches.

I hate installing software. I am a business/ marketing person for the most part, and nothing drives me crazier than trying in vain to install software that I’m unsure of. It always feels like a huge waste of time to me. I often try to improve my skills with differing levels of success, but the frustration most always remains. This makes the installation process extremely important to me.

This setup process really couldn’t be any easier. I have managed to bork up signing up for webhosting before (choosing between unix and windows and getting it wrong), but I managed my way through the setup with no issues.

Step 1: Address, Title, Tags, and Type

Step 2: Public Stats / Indy Owner vs. network
Step 3: Copy and paste your code

Told ya it’s easy.

Favorite features
It’s pretty cool being able to look at many blogs all in the same place. The ability to track entire networks sounds pretty damn sweet for pro bloggers as well. I also like the outbound link functionality. It’s real nice to be able to see who I’m sending traffic too. I already went in and swapped one normal link with an affiliate link when I realized it was sending a hundred plus clicks per day.

A few screenshots for posterity sake:
Top Outbound links:

Top 5 referrering search phrases:

Top search referrals

Tracking number of comments and visitor duration are a couple of other features that I can see being quite helpful in making decisions based on your past blogging success. There are several other things that can be very handy to pro bloggers, but if you’re not convinced by now you should give it a shot then I think you’re just plain stubborn. I’ve a listed a bit more functionality below.

Other cool features:

  • post views
  • comments summary
  • comments by post
  • categories
  • adsense clicks
  • referrers
  • search engines
  • outbound links
  • visitor stats
  • geography
  • languages
  • browsers
  • platforms
  • screen resolution

Interface Usability
This is truly where they knock it out of the park. I am stupid because I do things to fast. I like to be able to find things intuitively because I am always in a hurry. I don’t like to dig for functionality and then feel stupid when I finally find it, or worse yet, forget how to do the same damn thing the second time around. I like easy. This is simple. This is easy. This is intuitive. Me likey.

Yes, I have to constructively criticize
I’m that guy who always wants to upgrade the first version beta. Developers love me. Even when something is a free resource I have to find something to bitch about. Sorry, it’s my nature.

My three top suggestions:

  1. Add the granular data – I’d love to see ALL the phrases that I’m getting traffic for ***added – cool, this is already here after I dug deeper. Give those programmers more mountain dew and a day off:)
  2. YPN or other custom click tracking (I’d gladly login to one place rather several)
  3. Inbound link checking – how many people link to the specific post – doesn’t have to be manual – just a simple “check backlinks” link next to the page listing. I’d love to see which linkbait was most successful from a strictly linking point of view.

Download the new free beta Performancing Metrics here. (noaff)

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