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You Can Never be too Rich, too Thin, or Have too Many Links

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 99 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

…I came up with the title in a hurry after watchin’ too much E channel, pop news, and reality TV garbage while working on my laptop being too lazy to pick up the remote and turn the channel. G-dub was also inspirational with his, “no one wants to be fat or poor”.

So I’m talking links with another Todd from E-marketing Talk Show tomorrow on the topic of too many links. Could you really ever have enough? 4PM PST time. I believe the below links should get you to the feed once it’s live.

The show archives are now live:

The History of Links and Their Importance to SEO
Learn why links are important and how you should value them.
The Art of Link Solicitation
Tips and tricks on obtaining good links.
Balancing the SEO Equation
Identify the delicate balance between content and link development strategies.

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