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A Few New Favorite Blogs

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 111 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Okay, You all know all the blogs and forums that everyone reads. You may know some of these, but you may have missed some as well, and damn it, I wouldn’t want that because I like ‘em. Since I don’t post one off stuff very often, I’ve built a list of my recent “newer blog” favorites.

  • Incredibill – and I thought I got a lil’ upset sometimes
  • SEO Speedwagon – It actually took me months to understand the hidden humor *slaps head*
  • Web Professor uber emo programmer seo blogger
  • Guy Kawasaki – well known outside of SEO circles – you should know this man
  • DigitalGhost – glad to see DG back in action – please egg him on a bit
  • Stanford captology blog – If you don’t know these guys, you should – brilliant.
  • SEObytheSea – Bill’s rundowns of whitepapers and patents are top notch bar none.
  • Insearchofstuff – it’s good to laugh.
  • Maculua – Marc hit the bigtime with his recent linkbait, but I’ve been watchin’ his nice blogwork for a while now. Very nice work.
  • SEOBuzzbox – Aaron has taken interviews to a new level.
  • SugarRae – Sharp looking new design with a cool theme.
  • Fiftyfoureleven – Mike is one of few web developers I know with good SEO understanding
  • JasonHendricks – His blog is more original than his domain name.
  • RogerD – Roger is an admin at WMW, and all around sharp guy. If you haven’t seen his site, you’re missing out.
  • PresentationZen – I should read this one more
  • NotSleepy – Tony’s been at it quite a while, but just got introduced at the SEO powwow
  • JoeDuck – Joe’s got some cool stuff, but blogger is rough on the reader – pssst…switching to WP is easy (and categories are invaluable). Drop me a note if you need a hand:)
  • GregHartnett – Greg is one of few people I met in “real life” before his virtual identity online – great blog, great guy, great directory.
  • ShoeMoney – How did I not find this sooner? Drink some knowledge from a guy with the “skills to pay the bills”
  • MusicThing – totally offtopic blog about music gear which I love. I’m a terrible musician, but the gear is a lot of fun.

Did I miss anybody? What is new and good that you are reading these days?

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  • Nadir

    Hey, thanks for the list Todd, I was actually looking for new readings these days! It’s good to read new stuff sometimes!

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  • Peter T Davis

    If you’re looking for newly launched blogs with promise, here’s one to consider.

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  • Joe Hunkins

    Thanks for the hat tip Todd and I will take your advice to switch to a better blogging format.
    Hope SES NY is going swell and hope to see you in Boston!

  • Patricia

    Fantastic list Todd. Thanks so much. Now I’m wondering how I’m ever going to get any work
    done! :)

  • ewhisper

    Where’s my link love? :)

    Actually – as you know – I don’t care about links – but giving you a hard time
    once in a while…

    Keep up the great posts – I’m still amazed you find the time.

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