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MySpace Case Study Revisted: The Will of Loyal Community Members

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 124 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

A little while back I posted, “How to access Myspace by proxy through your school’s firewall“. I was pretty amazed by the lengths these users are willing to go to access their favorite site (if only they were so determined to do their schoolwork!).
Myspace users are indeed fiercely loyal to being able to access their favorite site. Here’s Just over a weeks worth of various search queries in January that happend to pop up somewhere because of that post:

59 myspace proxy
25 how to get on myspace at school
16 access myspace
15 proxy myspace
15 school blocked myspace proxy
13 how to access myspace
10 myspace at school
9 how to access myspace from school
9 myspace proxy server
8 school firewall
7 how to get to myspace from school
6 access myspace at school
6 how to access myspace at school
6 how to go on myspace in school
6 myspace in school
5 access myspace from school
5 firewall myspace
5 how to get on myspace from school
5 how to get on myspace in school
5 lots of proxy servers for myspace at school
5 myspace proxies
5 myspace proxify
4 firewall access myspace

First 2 weeks of Febuary

195 myspace at school
60 myspace proxy
56 how to get on myspace at school
54 myspace proxies
49 access myspace
33 myspace firewall
29 school firewall
24 access myspace from school
20 myspace proxy server
18 access myspace at school
17 how to access myspace at school
15 how to access myspace
15 proxy for myspace
14 firewall myspace
14 how to get onto myspace from school
13 how to get on myspace in school
13 myspace school
12 how to access myspace in school
12 proxy myspace
11 how to get to myspace at school
11 myspace access
11 myspace firewalls
11 myspace from school
9 get onto myspace at school
9 how to access myspace from school
9 how to get on myspace from school
9 how to get to myspace from school
9 surf myspace at school
8 how to get onto myspace at school
7 bypassing school firewalls
7 free myspace proxy
7 get on myspace at school
7 how to myspace at school
7 how to use myspace at school
7 my space proxy
7 proxies for myspace
7 proxify myspace
7 proxy server myspace
6 access to myspace
6 break school firewall
6 bypassing myspace
6 my school blocked myspace
6 myspace at schools
6 use myspace at school


I really don’t have many conclusions, as this was a very non-scientific experiment with very few hypothesis or test controls. Myspace users that want to access their favorite site are incredibly loyal (bordering on obsessive). Most of these phrases I’m not even ranking well for (like page 2 or 3), which is pretty amazing to me. They are trying HARD to get to this site. Are your users that passionate about YOUR site? What are some ways you can establish this fierce level of loyalty?

More information about Todd Malicoat aka stuntdubl.

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  • Anonymous

    u dickweed. you lead me on.

  • Anonymous

    u dickweed. you lead me on.

  • vetrin36

    It does seem that most people have become obsesive about it. Other friends of mine now
    basically just sit at home for countless hours sitting on their comp looking at my space
    infact using the phone texting and other things have become obsolte in my opion.

    I have used myspace for about a month and have noticed the amount of time will sit and
    wait for someone to comment is amazing. Well ive got to get back to school. and yea i
    was actually just looking for somthing to do right now. That is why so many people have
    Become addicted. the ability to accsess thier friends at anytime without any problems.
    is probably one of the bigest pluses its seems to be a popularity status as well.

  • Anonymous

    i need a proxy

  • junior

    how do i get in

  • your mother

    who gives a f*** go back to teaching

  • stefanie

    i wish i knew how to get to myspace form i love that website so much

  • Anonymous

    try it it works you can put diffrent numbers in

  • amanda

  • yo mama bitch

    i thought this was something to help me get to myspace.u lead me on asshole

  • http://MYSpACE Andy

    I know how to go on my space at skool all you need to do it
    go to then click on myspace and it will work well enjoy.

  • http://xproxy leslie

    mabe this will work or u can try……..thin click on proxy……………..user name is Student

    password is …………………ifuckfatgirls………………..good luck……
    i need a proxy web site…………………….plz help me i need it fast

  • nativegirl

    how to get onto myspace when im at school???

  • rockerguy369

    you need a proxy for the server just click or security and click on proxys and input one ….but i dont know if this will work because alot of schools have different computers ….but give it a try though!!!!; ) if you want 2 contact me go 2

  • your mamma

    hey you fucker y dont you put something on this webpage that will work

  • rockerguy369 the port number is 8080 i just found this one 2-dayz …i hope you people use it to your advantage…lol use it at school just go 2 perferences and go 2 proxys and type it in…it will get past security…but dont let any teachers see you doing it or else you can get in a Shitload of trouble… me for questions


    hey can u help me get onto myspace at school like with a website some what close to or
    please leave me a message on my email

  • Meaghan

    try zoerb.chickenkiller or

  • drunknmunky

    Hey, I’m all up for this “I need a proxy for MySpace” shit, cos it’s killing me too, but dont post it on here! That will just get it blocked, those admin guys or technicians your school employ are fucking freaks, they spend all day on sites like these, just to block stuff, think about it…

  • jazmine and racheal

    this site is shit where the fuck are the answers u quavervagina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jazmine and racheal

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  • madd

    what is a proxy???

  • blu~eyes

    i need a proxy so bad seriously!! if someone can help me then e-mail me plzz. thanks bye

  • java

    man u guys are all gay!!!

  • dancekilla

    man this shit doesnt work
    im bored and the thing that is somewhat fun is myspace dammit.
    well heres a website that’ll keep you busy.
    play drivers ed.

  • greedcompelledu

    hey…go to
    then go to ssl then fallcrash for the username then iwontremember as the password…i know its not blocked at all schools…email me at if you have any questions

  • Justin Klingerman

    try and type in works at my school.

  • peter

    i dont even like yall!

  • http://MYSPACE.COM THE 1


  • jordan

    I just got busted at school just for being on myspace they almost suspended me like what the fuck.
    I NEED IT!
    Some one give lots of web sites how to get onto myspace
    I NEED IT!

  • sexy chick

    you should go to
    then type in myspace not the full website…
    it works everytime

  • Danny

    YOu can get on myspace at school using buzzysplat!


    hey ppls ///i am a god i found out how 2 get 2 myspace from school!!!!!!!///ok go 2 or . net ///but that site is slowwww or the better web site is send me an e-mail if it works somebody// thank you all : )

  • Ali

    Try for myspace its free and its pretty fast and snappy compared to most of the other ones. No login required either. Works for hotmail, facebook, gmail or anything you throw at it.

  • http://hotmail marlene

    myspace duh thats wut we want

  • angel

    please get me in myspace.

  • angel

    fuck this site

  • blairzcreek

    the sites i have may work for yaw but if its websense then dont count on it.
    hit me up at for the sites

  • Brienna

    Please put somthing on here that works DUhhhhhh

  • bob

    i need a funkin proxy . this fuckin school sux

  • Anonymous

    someone help me access my stupid fuckin dumb ass myspace at skool!!!!

  • grr

    they’re all fooking blocked ;_;!
    email me any you know that might work (please) at:
    + add me on myspace @ :]

  • levi-jade

    mad cunts!!! isnt this ment to be a proxy site how the hell are you ment to get on myspace wen theres no sites on here ayy??

    love from levi a proud student of E.H.S.H.S


  • greeneyes

    well im at school and i want my space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myspacelover13

    Ahh. Myspace is blocked. I’m going to die. Help =[

  • MzAlize

    .. THose may work but um if anyonez finds any other pleasee help me !

  • bibiz

    try ,,,,,


    u guys are all fucking gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dude.. My school must be really smart…
    Becasuse all the sites they have blocked.

  • http://hgjghjg nghgf

    all these sited are probably blocked because you idiots are posting them on a site thats supposed to be talking about preventing it..did you even read the top of the page?! DUH!

  • Anonymous

    think ppl any site you put up will get blocked mail the website to them that way it may not get blocked

  • md

    does anybody have a myspace proxy?

  • nenes69

    I need to get on myspace!

  • jenny

    i lubb myspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    can someone pretty please post a proxy site that actually works?????