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Who Are All You People? Introduce Yourself Please.

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 106 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

The introduce yourself thread is on part II.

I’m starting to feel like I’m standing on a gigantic stage with those monsterous million watt spotlights blinding me where I can’t see any of the crowd. I like meeting and knowing the people that read here. I know there’s people stopping by (or a helluva lotta bots scraping content), but only a handful of comments really. Jim had a nice idea to introduce yourself. Please do the same in this thread here when you get a chance. I’d be happy to hear a bit about ya.

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  • Jason

    I found this site some time ago while researching SEO tools.
    I was impressed by the balanced perspective that characterizes your commentary and presentation of SEO related information and have been following ever since.

  • clay whittaker

    My names Clay Whittaker, I’m 15, and I’m trying to figure out how this whole seo thing works.

  • John Vanhara

    I am watching SEO related blogs and like yours. What I do is mostly working with real estate agents, not really selling them SEO services, but providing them with buyers, sellers, deals… I am doing SEO on my own real estate websites, because it seems to me as the most effective approach. (making more money providing buyers and sellers instead of selling SEO services).

  • Patrick Gavin

    Todd, keep up the great work, see you at SES NYC!

  • sholto

    Thanks Todd for all the tools and the occassional sniping comment. I read you through CSS in Thunderbird and am amazed at your research into so many tools.

    Hope that you are still enjoying doing the blog. If you are ever planning to come to scotland or Kerala we are the ones to help an we would love to meet you then

  • Lee

    The first rule of SEO Club is ….

  • randfish

    I’m here, Todd – Rand from SEOmoz :)

  • Nadir

    Hi Todd, I’m Nadir and I come to your blog everyday to drink your knowledge, thank you! Keep writing great stuff!

  • Lea de Groot

    Not sure where I first got a link to you from – probably Aaron – but I like the content, so you’re stuck on my feedreader, in the ‘Read This!!’ folder :)

  • Marc Macalua

    Present! SEO-ing from sunny Philippines.


  • Mark N

    Been enjoying Mr. Ploppy (and your rants too, Todd) for a while. Have had an interest in seo for some time and finally made it to SES Chicago this year. In fact, we met briefly. I’m from the great wasteland to the North otherwise known as American junior (or Canada). I think many will agree when I say great job on this blog. I recall another post (I think it might have been an interview) where you mentioned that it kind of scares you to publicly theorize. Don’t let it stop you! I wonder if it would increase participation if you presented ideas that challenged input? For what it’s worth, is high on my daily reads. Again, great work. How’s it feel to be link bait?

  • Cameron

    Hey Todd. Got you on my rss reader.



  • Marshall Clark

    Hi Todd – great writing and tools. I’ve been an SEO since 1999, specialize in healthcare SEO client work, and live in Northern California.

  • Gilad

    Hi Todd,
    I’m here too, representing some of the “International crowd” (Israel), It was nice meeting Mr.Ploppy at pubconX.

  • Sebastian

    Hi Todd, coz I do enjoy your blog I’ll avoid repetition ;)

  • Jim Westergren

    Hi Todd,

    my name is Jim and I am an SEO from Sweden. I own and manage I follow your posts from

  • SassySarah

    Hi Todd… Sarah calling from the island of Malta. I’m 23, work in the web marketing scene and your very interesting & informative blog is in my list of favorites, which I read on an *almost* daily basis ;-) Keep up the good work. I find your posts very intriguing and tell Mr Ploppy I’m a fan!! :-)) hehe… thankxxx for your work!

  • DazzlinDonna

    Hi, Todd, DD here from SEO Scoop. Mr. Ploppy was the reason I first started coming here. I mean, who could pass up reading something with that name, right? But I keep comig back because the posts are interesting. Thanks for the great tool lists. There’s always at least one I didn’t know about that I can use.

  • Erik

    SEO Speedwagon, checking in. Sure, the posts here are good, but I check back mostly in hopes of seeing those magnificent hands.

  • Andy

    Hey Todd,

    I just got started with Internet Marketing for The Step2 Company, last fall. I RSS you. (I can see the t-shirts now. A big red heart with “I RSS You” printed in it in white. To all you entrepeneurs out there, I want 10% of your profits!)


  • mymo

    Hi Todd.

    I am a web analytics consultant in northeast Ohio. I have been getting my feet wet with SEO lately and your blog is one of the regulars on my list. Your bloglines feeds are a great OPML import into Google Reader BTW. Keep up the good work, and please keep the link ninjas going. I will attend sometime, I promise.

  • Thomas

    Hi Todd!

    Thomas here from Minnesota. I’ve been reading your blog ever since I started SEO. It’s fun and interesting!!

  • Slava

    Hello Todd from Minsk, Belarus,

    We (me and a few guys I share the office are newbies to SEO scene compared to you). We do our own sites in Russian and English and try to SEO them. I greatly enjoy reading your blog and recommend it to my staff.

  • Bruce Stone

    Hello Todd,
    I’m a regular reader of your insightful blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

  • Preston Wily


    I’m an SEO from Utah – I got sick of reading the same old stuff all the time and trimmed myself down to 3-4 SEO blogs, but I had to keep you and Dax because you’re the only ones that are funny…


  • Karl Ribas

    Hey Todd –

    Just checking it. I’ve been following your Blog for quite some time now. Truly Great Stuff!

  • Colin Christofferson

    I am an enterprise SEO (i.e. corporate mule) out of Austin. Read you and SEO Speedwagon for laughs and tips.

  • ReadyCompanies

    hi Todd

    i am from Malaysia and i am quite a regular on your blog

  • Spencer Hoyt

    Hey Todd,
    I have been reading your blog for about 3 months now. I have it linked as a weekly read and follow your advice on a daily basis. Keep up the good work.
    Spencer Hoyt

  • Dan Kramer

    Hiya Todd,
    Just thought I’d join the crowd and add my name to your list of readers. See you in Boston later on.
    Dan “volatilegx” Kramer

  • Chris/FreshContext

    Hi Todd, we met briefly at the last WebmasterWorld Pubcon (2nd morning, shared a table for breakfast). I’m enjoying your commentary. Cheers, Chris

  • Jason Golod


    been reading your blog via RSS for the past few of the best on my list IMHO. Enjoy reading your insight each morning.

    Cheers, Jason.

  • Chris Boggs

    Ok so how is it that I leave the blog spam you asked for? See you in NYC, buddy!

  • Jessica Guadiana

    Hi Todd,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months and love the humor and tips. Nice.

  • nate

    Hi Todd,
    newly into SEO, situated in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. You’re one of the many perspectives I read on SEO to soak up as much knowledge as I can. Keep it up.

  • Shelly

    Hello, my name is Shelly. I started reading your blog about six months ago and I have learned a lot. Many thanks for the info & resources.

  • Mike Pedersen

    My name is Mike Pedersen and I own a couple of the nets top golf training sites…and am always trying to learn the newest SEO methods.

  • Rob

    I swing by here most days from my bloglines account – always looking for ways to tweak my sites for SEO!

  • Ian from New Hampshire

    Hi Todd,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I am consistently impressed by the high concentration of valuable information found herein. Please don’t think your posts are too long-winded: speaking as one who blogs with great verbosity, I feel that just because some folks prefer bite-sized info-niblets is no reason to strip down one’s content. I like that you explain a technique thoroughly rather than vaguely alluding to it like a lot of other guys do, and it’s one of many things that keeps me coming back. :-)

    Many Thanks,

  • IrishWonder

    Hi Todd,

    My first encounter with your blog happened through a link from Threadwatch when you posted about blackhat SEO tools (guess this won’t surprise anybody) – and since then I’ve been checking back regularly. A lot of interesting stuff and quality posts.


  • Mike Nott

    Part of the daily read.


  • wheel

    Hey Todd,

    Wheel from Canada here. Like we discussed at link ninjas (you’ve likely forgotten, it was at the pub) I promised to start coming here and to webgeurilla’s blog and start wading through the information. I’m long past due making this a part of my regular rounds.

    (to the previous poster: Hey Mike! Y’all right?).

  • Max

    Hi Todd,

    Myrtle Beach, SC here. Reading your blog for a while now (through Bloglines) and really amzed about the quality and volume of your posts :) I think I first found your blog at Barry Schwartz’ SERoundTable. Great job – keep it up!

  • thejenn

    Reading and lovin’ your stuff as always. When are you going to come do some writing for me? ;)

    -Jen Laycock

  • Sluz

    Hi Todd,

    You have a great Blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dale

    Hi Todd

    Dale here from Wales UK, Trying to get a handle on this SEO/Marketing thing.

    Got your blog on my rss feed. A lot more straight talking than some others

    Enjoying it !

  • Brad

    Hey Todd –

    Think you know who I am :)

    Keep up the great work.

  • Dr. Wertrose

    Todd, I believe we met back in my days of gator wrestling…

    I am just happy to see you finally turned the comments back on (c: I know I have wanted to leave feedback in the past and never had the chance…I will need to stop back more often now. See you in NYC !

  • lee

    I’m Lee, student from Melbourne Australia, i’m really new to the SEO and still working on my web site. hope…one day it will be top on Google.


  • Toivo Lainevool

    Hi Todd,

    My “day time gig” is as a software developer/consultant. I’ve been slowly getting into building websites and monetizing them, which I write about at

    I will be at PubCon Las Vegas next week. Hope to see you there.

  • Seth Besmertnik

    Hey Todd,

    As you know, we’re big fans and avid readers. Love the redesign.

    All the best,

    Seth Besmertnik
    CEO at LinkExperts

  • Michael Jensen

    Hi Todd, yours was one of the first SEO blogs I added to my list of blogs to follow. :) Great job, looking forward to meeting you at PubCon.

  • httpwebwitch

    Hey Todd,
    I come by once in a while to lurk :)

    Ian Ring

  • Ash

    I’m Ash. Hi. You don’t really know me… well… you do now ;) lol. =)

  • Ash

    ps – nice new design

  • Jimbo Boykin

    Is it tacky my introducing myself here….I can’t pass on the co-citation :)
    Hi Todd, I’m your old boss ;)
    I’ve got these reports I need you to review when you get a minute ;)

  • werty

    Todd, it is the Trose. I first met you on a romantic evening in beautiful Orlando, Florida but we chatted before hand on WMW and I think that is when the true feelings started.

    Later on we both got jaded by various jobs and decided to move on in our careers. You opted for a suit and tie and I started wearing pants.

    Before long you went places and became a huge name in the industry. I also grew into my career gaining 30 lbs and fleeing the US of A.

    We toughed it out for a while and shared a parallel success story.

    At some point our laziness took over and we both decided it would make more sense to work for ourselves.

    I had a dream the other night that we would once meet again in a tropical paradise and talk about a new, peaceful world while we fish and sip drinks. I am not sure what it means but I like the thought of it.

    Todd Malicoat, this is your (exaggerated) life.

  • Mike

    Hi Todd,

    I’m Mike, an out of work actor from the UK who is trying to make some money on the Internet. Been dropping by every now and then for the last few months and I really like the new look.



  • Brian Mark

    Here I am, reading one of the brightest people in our industry’s thoughts. Was that brightest, funniest, or nicest… or drunkenest… I guess it depends on the event, but all apply at one time or another.

  • Jason Poteet

    Hey Todd and everyone,

    My name is Jason Poteet. I am a computer professional by day and a computer professional by night. Boy that sounds exciting. I actually just got over to your blog a week or so ago. I found it in a round about way from Cutts blog, although I recognize your name from other blogs and forums. I am a couple of months deep in my SEO, SEM, PPC and etc. etc education. I have found some really good articles here and have added your site to my regular visit list. Thanks for all the info and keep up the good work.

  • kching

    Hi Todd

    I’m from the Netherlands, full-time in search marketing, with the special focus on organic search.
    You’ve got great blog, Todd. thnx for sharing the wealth!

  • Jeff Quipp

    Hey Todd,

    We’ve met at a number of related conventions. We’re located in Toronto as you know. Obviously, I’m a big fan of your writing … keep up the good work. Hopefully I’ll see you at SES in Toronto this year!

  • kid disco

    Whatup, yo?

    Your blog is one of my favs, by far! Hope to see ya soon…

  • Brett

    Hey Todd! Thanks for keep the tips coming! Awesome stuff man!

  • Paavan S.

    Hi Todd – seo stuntman,

    I have found your blog sites from link building tips

    Really Nice resources in your website, i have recommend your blog to my seo students.

    I am seo analyst and trainer here India, Myself and my company – Over 7 years of experience in core seo / sem industry. Like to work on competitive projects.


  • Jim Keough

    always here. great blog, i promote you on my blog. thanks for continuing to offer great advice.

  • Mikael Rieck

    Haven’t been here for a while but have just added the site as a good resources when trying to keep up with the latest SEO tips. You have really provided some truly valuable information. I’ll be revisiting soon ;)

  • shor

    Hey Todd,

    The blog that is required reading for in-house search marketer/optimizers gets a fresh & minty look/feel!

    Lucas Ng

  • REBlogGirl


    Love this blog! Use it for a reference for my own all the time. Thanks for always offering up fresh new advice and well researched facts. My core business is helping real estate professionals launch successful business blogs so I pour over your posts on blogging and SEO. Thanks again.

  • Giovanna

    Hey Todd,

    Cool stuff here. Keep up the good work – it was great meeting you at the conference.

  • Amanda Stewart

    Hello Again

    Saw you speak at WMW and also spoke to you in length at the pub. Thank you for all the wonderful insight. It was a great conference and great meeting you. Good luck in SES. Great site.

  • Linda

    Hi Todd,

    Recognized your name actually from somewhere, must have read some of your SEO articles elsewhere. Thought I’d say hi, I got as far as checking out your youtube faves and looooved that urban ninja vid :-P

  • bob

    Good seeing you again, and poof now you got my e-mail.

  • Edu (Presell) Page Man

    Hello Todd,

    didn’t see this thread until the redesign.

    well – as you know I am doing presell pages – content pages hosted on old and authoritive domains… and with the recent development in the last months and people pointing at me saying “talk to that guy about edu links” I thought I’d even need to rename myself to “edupageman” :-)

    Well – anyway… I appreciate all the work you did here so far and that you continue to provide top quality work here… a top read.

    Presell Page Man

  • Barman @ Shycon

    What’s up Todd. Came across your website from your PubCon interview with Fishkin and Odden by

    I’ve started a website design company a few months ago and I feel the factor that would make us stand out the most from the local competition is excellent SEM. I’ve been reading and studying the topic like a crack-fiend, so hopefully your blog will help :D

  • Dave Pye

    Hi Todd,

    I have been an avid reader for about a year. Big fan, and I think your articles are way above par.

  • seopractices

    Hi Tood, Thanks for all the good information. I have been following you around in your blog, some videos (Pubcon), Search Engine Watch, etc. Keep it up man.

  • Michael Visser

    Digging for information about how the Google Sandbox/Trustbox ticks, 14th Colony provided a link.

    I’m 18, employed for an established internet solutions provider as a web developer about to make the jump into SEO. I really hate that word, it’s so… inhuman, I guess that’s what you get for trying to encourage robots to absorb what you feed them for a living!

    Great threads.

  • melissa

    okg i hope that this will work!! cuz i havent been in in like a week

  • Jon Payne

    Hi Todd. I’m the owner and principal of a small SEO firm in Baltimore, MD. I drop by your blog maybe once a week or so – its in my rotation of about 10 blogs that I read. I do appreciate your outlook on things.

    To get more personal, I’ll be turning 26 in a few days and have been working for myself for roughly 3 years, the past 2 1/2 have been focused on SEO as my firm’s core offering. We’re just about to go from 1 1/2 people (myself with a little part-time help) to myself and about 3 part-time people, in a new office. Its a bit of a jump for us, but exciting nonetheless.

    Anyhow, best of luck to you in all your ventures!

  • Dann

    Hi Todd,

    I’ve been a regular here for about 3 monhts now and its worth every minute. Thanks for sharing your insight into the world of SEO.

  • Tejas


    landed on ur page via google. nice info.

  • Mohit

    Hi Todd,

    I am regular reader of this blog from last few months. And have read & like your link development related articles.

  • eric hebert

    Howdy Todd. Internet Marketing Consultant who’s been following you for quite some time (not in the creepy way). I’m also going to win in your SEM FF2 leauge. (One Word : Cobra!)

  • tobto

    Thanks Todd for a nice reading! I try to help to my customers with mobile web, your ideas are fresh as always.

  • MerapuMan

    Hello, hi there Todd.
    I really enjoy your site, full of info.. keep it up :)

  • Carfeu

    Hi. I’m a newby around here. I found a couple of interesting blogs talking about SEM/SEO and this is definitely one of them. Very interesting content and among the best blogs on this theme.

  • Jason

    Hi Todd,

    I met you at SES Chicago on Sunday. I’ve been lurking for about 9 months. Nice clean site with useful content.

    Nice meeting you,

  • Brandy

    Hi Todd,

    Met you briefly at SES Chicago, had to interrupt your conversation for you’re a popular guy. I’ve been a devoted reader for about a year and refer stuntdubl blog to many SEM colleagues. Keep up the good work!

    Nice meeting you,


    PS. The new black layout is growing on me.

  • SocialDude

    Hi Todd,
    I think we met at PubCon 06, I am with TechPad Agency, we exhibited there, nice readg your blog, come on over and check my new one out :

  • rumblepup

    A couple of years ago, I was having a problem with a site, and someone told me to contact you. I did, via e-mail, and you graciously took the time to answer my questions and give me feedback.

    I’m sure you do this on a little grander scale than now than you did then, but first impressions always go the longest way.

    I’ve been lurking ever since. Now that I’m playing the game, thought I should stand up and say:

    “Hello Señor!”

  • SAM

    Hey Todd
    Thank you for all the valuable information. It is rare a person shares valuable information for free.

    SEO is at a turning point, either we can be considered lawyers who whore out the information. Or would you rather share the information free of charge to make the world a better place. For the record I might have 20% of the knowledge you do, If that.

    Here is a question I put to you and any one reading this.

    The moment before you die do you want to be at peace or in fear?

    I did the military thing and war is not the answer, extending the hand to people who are willing to work hard but do not have the information to prosper is in my opinion the key.

    The top Seo’s around the world have the power to make a dramatic impact on this world, why not band together and make a diffrence???

    Together a small group of people can change the world.
    Is 2007 going to be the year?
    Peace and happy New Year Sam

  • robwatts

    Hi Todd,

    Have read your stuff on a few occasions, always gets me thinking! All good in my book, please keep throwing out the interesting perspectives and tips. :)

    Cheers and Happy 007 to you!

  • Steaprok

    Hello Todd,

    I have been reading your site for about a year and a half. I found you as I was doing some SEO research and came across your site. Immedietly upon reading your work I was drawn to it, by your clear and concise form. I can say I have learned alot from your site and all of the resources you offer. I want to take this oppurtunity to say thanks and keep up the good work. i look forward to meeting you one day , and you have inspire me to start a blog as well.


    Manny Marrero

  • Helene

    Happy New Year Todd. My name is Helene and I’m the Founder and Creator, etc. of The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide. Yes, it is designed for women, but that’s probably just because I’m a woman. I found you through Problogger, while researching and learning about ways to make $$$$$ on my site. I hope to learn much from you and maximize the traffic to, and income generaed by, my site.
    Drop me a line. And please, feel free to take a look at my site and share your thoughts.

  • Manta SEO Solutions

    Hi Todd, I have not yet had the opportunity to join one of your sessions at either Pubcon or SES conferences but enjoy your posts here tremendously.

    I am hopeful that a conference will soon visit our shores here in South Africa for a chance to listen in on the “maestros” in SEO/SEM.

    All the best to you for 2007 from a sunny and warm South Africa!

  • Faris

    Hi Todd,

    While I’ve been performing Web site optimization for a few years now, I’ve just recently taken a position that allows me to focus on SEO full-time. You were introduced to me as THE “trusted authority” on link building and social media, so I’m trying to soak up as much as possible from your posts (and now videos too). Thanks for sharing the wealth!

    Best Regards,

    John F.

  • Chris – Nozio

    Very informative site in a business were nobody & everybody know’s what’s going on……


  • Eric Lander

    Hey Todd, just wanted to stop in and say that I’m a big fan of your analytical posts on SEO and the industry in general. I’ve been away from writing in the industry for a while, but a primary reason I’ve decided to get back into it was because of the efforts of sites like yours.

    Keep up the great work — and spend some time improving your Fantasy Football team for season three of SEM-FF on Yahoo… You can do better than 10th of 12 teams!

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  • Mike Peters – SoftwareProjects

    Hi Todd,

    Love your writing. You’re one of the 3 best lb’s I know. Keep up the great work with this blog

    Mike Peters

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  • SEO Company UK

    I love this site; I found out about thru SEO book about 8 months ago and I visit fairly frequently. But, as of late you have been posting brilliant, useable information which is easy to follow.

    I will be a loyal fan for many years to come.

  • DougieFresh

    Yea…What They Said !

  • caveman

    Hey Mr Ploppy,

    Keep posting those gems.

    Wertrose, you’re scaring me. ;-)


  • Matt Siltala

    Todd, I have been reading this blog for about a year now, and have listened to you at pubcon 06, and I think I saw you at SES NYC last year (06). I agree with you that attending the SES conferences (or pubcon – or all) is the best thing any one in this industry can do! I will probably see you this year at SES NYC again. Thanks for the great insights!

  • Aidan Rogers

    I’d just like to say…sweet, nice seo articles one day when i grow up i would like to be just like you. Search Engine optimisation used to be pretty easy, but I’m struggling to keep up. Thanks to articles like yours, you make life for an seo noob a little easier.

  • Dan

    Hey Todd. You’re indeed a genius. I’m so lucky to find your website and read all your very informative SEO articles.

    Keep up the good work.


  • William Rock

    Hello Todd, like always its cool chatting with you over the phone or at a conference.

  • Jahmodi

    Hi Todd nice blog with a lot of info. you got here,hopefully I can learn something from it,am just getting into blogging it,s new to me,keep up the good work.

  • Keith Donegan

    Hi Todd. Great Blog you got here, really good Information. Keep it up…

  • farose

    Hi Todd,

    I am just born for seo. I have curiosity to know, materialize and make money. Kindly guide me from initial level.



  • Mark

    You seem to know what your on about, I will be a regular reader when it comes to promoting my site.

    Which is starting to feel like a waste of time but i’ll keep trying.

  • dedmond29

    Great posts Todd, they are appreciated – saying “hello and greetings” from “not-so warm and sunny” Cape Cod!

  • David Reynolds

    Hi Todd,

    I have been reading your blog for some time now – it makes very good reading.

    I work as an SEO Strategist in the UK’s largest and fastest growing online recruitment company.

    I look forward to future posts.

    Keep it going…


  • Marek Wawrzyniak

    Hi Todd,
    I met you at one of the many SES conferences I love to attend. Thank you for your blog and the resources you provide. I am a SEO strategist working for a Fortune 200 company, as well as an SEO enthusiast who uses SEO and website production as a nice side business. Keep up the good work.

    All the Best

    Marek Wawrzyniak

  • Marilyn

    I found this website during a search for SEO jobs. I have been interviewing with companies for their jobs for SEO, but they are just not really sure what they want yet. Currently I teach SEO to companies who want to do it themselves. If anyone knows an online college that needs a teacher let me know. SEO is my passion. Or if there is a SEO company out there that wants someone who really understands SEO, leave me a message.

  • tmoney

    Hey mate,

    Introduced myself via email although received no response :( don’t worry I am sure you are well too busy with your work and updating your blog!

    keep up the work, looking forward to your next Friday favorites

  • Jeremiah Baker

    Hi Todd,

    Jeremiah Baker here from NetGainz. I met you at the SES Chicago conference in ’05.

    Great Blog! I send many people to your blog.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Onur Buyukceran

    I like your style of writing, I guess I will be a regular reader soon. I find the blog when I was surfing about SEO and nice work buddy. Like they said, keep up the good work and we will turn spotlights to you.

  • Rahul Lonkar

    Hi Todd,

    I am Rahul from India, Last 3 years i have been in SEO industry. I am working in Offshore Development Company as a Sr. SEO Manager. Also doing freelancing for few projects.

    I would like to learn new things in online marketing and SEO. could you please guide me or tell me is their any courses available for online marketing.


  • Kwandom

    Enjoy reading your blog.

  • Matt Stoddart


    I’ve been just sorta lurking in the shadows for the past few years reading everyone, not really participating, and doing my best to help LinkWorth grow. I’m on a big kick this year to get out amongst ‘em and I hope to get a chance to shake your hand in NYC.

    Great stuff…I’m a fan of your site.

  • David Mihm


    I’ve been reading your site off and on for about 6 mos. now (since I heard you speak @ SES San Jose last year)…thought you gave a great couple of preso’s. For whatever reason your blog was never at the top of my list to read & it definitely should have been. As someone relatively new to SEO, I really appreciate all of the effort you put into answering the questions about Google’s SER factors over at SEOmoz. I have just turned into a REGULAR reader of your site :)

    David Mihm

  • Jeff Horsager

    Hi, I’m Jeff. I’m an online direct response copywriter and all around ad geek.

  • handsome rob

    Aloha from rainy New Jersey. Rob from MarketingDrome checking in!

  • Alun John


    I’m Alun from Marketing Tom

  • aimClear

    I saw you at SES and enjoyed your speaking. This post is totally amazing. Thank you.

  • Rex White

    Hi Todd,

    Enjoyed your session at SES NY 07. I plan on becoming a weekly reader! Keep up the great work and congrats on the success!


  • Dave

    Im 20 years old currently an undergraduate student majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship. Ive been involved with online business and internet marketing since 1999 and I currently author an internet marketing blog,

  • Natasha

    I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you how much I like your site I have only been doing SEO for about a year and I have learned a lot off of your website!! Thanks

  • Patrick Sexton

    My name is Patrick Sexton. I wrote which is a detailed explanation of the Google webmaster guidelines. Everyone thought I was nice and professional because of that site so I made to nip that at the bub. I am just only recently interacting with people (I have been reading for a very very long time.

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