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Holy List of Aggregated SEO blogs Batman!

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 153 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Do I really have to read these all daily to keep up? If you know any of the blogs on this list, you are probably aware of threadwatch. Claus drops this list seo blogging beauties. Fantastic list and great thread by some great minds of search marketing. I wonder who is going to take the initiative to create a downloadable opml, xml file, or the like so that the list of SEO blogs can be updated and downloaded into a person’s favorite blog reader.

New projects are currently more intense priorities. Blogging and posting will be light, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to write a bit tomorrow to publish some original ideas during the course of the week. We have our Link Ninjas Link Development Training coming up this week, as well as the SEO Pow Wow on Wednesday (the 18th). Luckily for everyone there are mountains of SEO information out there to read up on. I have to go debate if I should be reading or coding to “relax”.

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  • claus

    Thanks for the nice words – it’s actually just a beginning, still. But it’s pretty useful, IMHO, as there are a few hundred blogs on the list already (and probably a few hundreds not published yet as well) – oh, and a search engine newsfeed too, btw :)

    The general idea is just that: Nobody with a real life has time to track all that news. So, I’m playing with a few ideas about how computers may-or-may-not do some part of the work for you. The list is the start, as you really need to get a good basic list first. It’s all baby steps, really.

    > opml / xml

    You don’t need to wonder who, as it’s a great feature request :) I always intended to do an OPML feed, so I’m glad to hear I’m not all that wrong *lol* It’s in the pipeline, so it *will* be coming up.

    However, I don’t think you would really want a one-size-fits-all feed — nobody has time for that anyway, and the list(s) will only grow (!) I think some kind of individual feed/customization will be better. I’m working on that, too, of course.

    Be just a little patient, that’s all I ask – it won’t be today or tomorrow as I’m quite busy at the moment, and I need to make some changes in the back end before I can do it.

  • searchenginefeeds

    We have built quite an extensive list of syndicated SEO blogs and forums too. All the sites are categorized, archived and searchable by keywords, category, content source or a combination of the three.

    You can find it at:

    Many of the sites on Claus’ list are also included on Search Engine Feeds. View articles and news from sites like Matt Cutts, Search Engine Watch, SE Roundtable, Clickz and over 250 more including official blogs from Google, Yahoo, MSN and

    We have some great features in the works, so by sure to bookmark us and visit often for the latest news and articles related to search engines, SEO, Online marketing, linking, webmasters and pay per click.

    For publishers who manage a feed you can submit it for inclusion on Search Engine Feeds and .

    Thanks goes to Todd for all the great content he provides to the community here on Stuntdubl.