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40 SEM 2006 Predictions – Search Engine Marketing Trends and Opportunities

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 132 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

This started with a little list of things I thought had changed between 2005 and 2006 and turned into a large list of brainstormed ideas of things to keep in mind for the upcoming year. The first 30 I tried to compare the evolution somewhat. The rest didn’t quite fit anything, and the whole thing turned out a bit random, but ended with the nice round number of

  • Not so much predictions, as simply things I will think will be more important and/or prevelant in the world of search engine optimization and internet marketing. Click here if you’d prefer to see the “head to head match-up” between 2005 vs. 2006 SEM trends.

    SEO 2005

    1. 1.text link brokerages
    2. 2.purchased content
    3. 3.buying pagerank
    4. 4.on-page optimization
    5. 5.any links
    6. 6.lots of links
    7. exchange
    8. 8.geo-targeting
    9. discussion
    10. 10.url rewrites for spiderability
    11. 11.sandbox
    12. submission
    13. release links
    14. optimization
  • 15.SEO-friendly copywriting

  • 16.information architecture
  • 17.gut feel and split testing
  • 18.Algorithm variable testing and threshhold identification
  • 19.rise of tagging
  • 20.discussion of google
  • spam
  • 22.blackhat vs. whitehat ethical debates
  • 23.real business principles once again matter to online business valuation
  • 24.tagging and rss search
  • readers for seo blogs
  • feed optimization
  • 27.affiliate ppc arbitrage
  • 28.3rd party ppc tools
  • fraud auditing tools
  • 30.lots of new google and yahoo acquisitions and products
  • SEO 2006

    1. 1.viral link attraction – “under the radar” text link purchase
    2. 2.user generated content
    3. 3.bashing pagerank
    4. 4.on-page naturalization
    5. 5.”non-seo” links

    6. 6.trusted links
    7. 7.content with links exchange
    8. 8.geovertical targeting
    9. reviewed content
    10. 10.url rewriting for user appearance and viral distribution
    11. 11.trustbox
    12. 12.article submission distrubution communication

    13. community outreach
    14. 15.web-copy language synonymy substitution
    15. 16.information architecture and strategic deeplinking
    16. 17.gut feel and multi recipe conversion tracking
    17. 18.algorithm variable hedge betting
    18. 19.rise of user tagging and bookmarking incentivization
    19. 20.discussion of online media
    20. 21.parasite SEO
    21. 22.sandbox existence debates
    22. 23.real marketing principles actually start to matter again
    23. 24.automated mass tag distibution
    24. 25.reputation management through the blogosphere
    25. box optimization
    26. 27.affiliate content network based sales generation
    27. 28.SE based PPC tools
    28. 29.SE click fraud tools in response to increased advertiser pressure
    29. 30.lots of msn acquisitions and products
    30. 31.vertical niche specialization
    31. view maximization
    32. view duration optimization
    33. 34.usability and standards compliance
    34. 35.content contribution incentivization
    35. content optimization
    36. 37.fictional users
    37. 38.”trust spam”
    38. 39.improved tracking capability
    39. 40.personalization manipulation

    Thanks to everyone who has helped to make 2005 a great year for progress in search and SEO. This has been an amazing year, and 2006 promises to be even better. I think we’ll see a polarization in the “hat color” of SEO’s in 2006. The folks that apply real marketing principles will be seperated from those that use technical tricks. The “tech tricks” will continue to work with a limited window of opportunity and increased difficulty. Choose one or the other and start studying or find a new occupation. Happy New Year!

    2006 SEO Posts

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    • joepreston

      2.user generated content

      this has been pretty big for a long time, now if we’re talking about innovative methods for user-contributed content, then I think the 2006-year in-review article will say “webmasters struggled to find new methods of user genreated content that outperform forums and blogs”

      19.rise of user tagging and bookmarking incentivization –
      inovative ways to increase the bookmark rate is one of my top priorities – it is a win-win-win for site owner/user/search engine

      25.reputation management through the blogosphere – I wonder if the outsourcing of this one is going to grow a lot in 2006 or maybe the year after

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    • Jon Henshaw

      Nice list! We definitely feel the same way regarding 2006 #34 Usability and Standards Compliance. Which is why we just created an SEO analyzer that is focused mainly on adhering to web standards, semantic structure, etc… We also included a Lynx text browser viewer that let’s you browse your website. We use it for all of our projects now, and it’s free for anyone else to use if they want.

    • Flix

      Nette liste. Aber wird sicher noch weiter von Stuntdubl bearbeitet.

    • Search Engine Marketing Company

      As far as Sandbox is concerned, it is just like a “HATCHIING PERIOD OF AN EGG”. In
      the last 1 year Google has increased SandBox period to about 1-2 years, which is quite
      troublesome for many website owners.

      The best way to JUMP out of a sandbox is to add an RSS feed to your wesbite . RSS content will get
      uploaded on regular basis, and Search Engines simply love those website who
      upload thei content on regular basis.

    • SEO Study

      What about new SEO Tecnhics? CSS

    • Glasgow Website design

      Nice article..What about pure CSS sites?

    • DrugInfo

      Very good list. Please make similar for 2007. When I look back in 2005, that was the year when my site was affected by the Sandbox effect. Despite my efforts, I am still out of the search results, and have GPR0 (was 5).
      Thanks for sharing!

    • yafan99

      Very good list. Please make similar for 2007. When I look back in 2005, that was the year when my site was affected by the Sandbox effect. Despite my efforts, I am still out of the search results, and have GPR0 (was 5).
      Thanks for sharing!

    • Seo

      Stuntdubl answers that question in his list of forty predictions for 2005. I agree with most everything on the list, although here are my top ten:viral link attraction

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