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Blogger Theory on Posting Frequency – Often for Viral-ability vs. Well Thought Out Knowledgebases for Bookmark-ability

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 139 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

This must be a question every blogger asks themselves in their blog lifetime. If I just dropped seemingly sagely one liners and a link from time to time, would that be more valuable than long-winded articles? Would I get called out if I was wrong? Would I get more links to what I posted if I WAS wrong?

Do you ever wax philosophically about YOUR blog? What is your blogger theory?

When I wander off in blogger philosophy land I think to myself:

  • -who reads my blog?
  • -what was the purpose?

  • -what is valuable to readers who care?
  • -what would be valuable for me to write about for easy future reference?

  • -WIIFM (what’s in it for me – and the reader?)
  • -when is this most valuable?

  • -when is the best time to blog?
  • -where can i gain blog readership?

  • -why do I enjoy blogging?
  • -why are links and viral marketing so important?

  • -how can I be viral?
  • -is SEO too narrow a niche for the future or not narrow enough?

    Now that near everyone I never though I’d see blogging including: Matt, Oilman, Greg, and even Brett has a blog I think I can more comfortably embrace being a “blogger” (yes, it still makes me shudder just a little bit). Blogs are like decentralized forums. They’ve become bilateral communication in a decentralized location. Everyone gets to pitch in their .02 when they are ready. They can ignore the conversation, start the conversation, drift from the conversation or participate in the conversation. They are our soapboxes. It’s the place I can ALWAYS be right (I control comments lam-o’s). We can choose to offer as little or as much as we like as often or as infrequent as we choose. We just have to remember in humility, that it’s only a site that is only as good as the people paying attention to it (so thank YOU if you’ve actually read this far).

    Hmmm…It’s good to link to people and spark debate in the interest of advancement I’d think. Perhaps I should start balking on my blog more periodically? How can I manage to get an extra hour in a day? How can start I start a new niche occupation of viral marketing optimization or community development training?

    Can you ask too many questions in a blog post? Where is the Zen in the Art of Blog Theory and Maintenence? Is it ironic to have a community discussion about community discussion? Yes, I to have crazy SEO dreams like Matt, though I would certainly never fess up too them;) Perhaps I will start running with more stream of conciousness type posts in the new year though.

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      Nicks new firefox plugin makes it really easy to blog/browse. I’m lobbying for a spell checker to be added for those of us who are alphabetically challenged

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