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There Will Be No SEO Secrets Today

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 186 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

There were no secrets online today. There was only the decentralized arguements of expertise from a community of folks who has been entirely educated in our field online. All the secrets have been “vaulted” for use from a different perspective for another day, or I am not qualified or willing to speculate on them. My apologies to those who were hoping to get rich today on SEO tricks, I cannot help you in this capacity. This is a difficult and rewarding sport and occupation. It is marketing. It is business. It is technology. It is principles of art and science applied to a new medium. SEO is the optimization of all things internet for increasing online visibility. It is OVO. Online visibility optimization.

Tomorrow there may be some new revelations in the internet marketing community, but today there were no secrets. I swear it…or at least I agreed not to blog them. I wish you luck finding the secrets to your internet millions online tommorrow.

There have recently been interesting examples of how there are still holes but they are fairly technical and closing windows of opportunity, though there are certainly still opportunities for SEO soldiers of fortune.

Maybe some day I will stop being a blogger and actually employ a trick or two so I can tell people a REAL secret, until them I am left studying how to create better .htaccess and dreaming up ways to develop user generated content and chasing the dreams of web 2.0. I hope there are some secrets tomorrow.

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  • B Jones

    “SEO is the optimization of all things internet for increasing online visibility. It is OVO. Online visibility optimization.”

    Great quote, and those links are pretty good. Ive seen the first, but the not the second. Im still trying to figure out what website they were talkig about. A subdomain of free web hosting .com

  • R Hemmat

    The free web hosting site is .. free webs dot com .. now I’m off to grab me some free hosting love .. or was that the sound of a window shutting?