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The Best Link Ninjas are Great Searchers – Creative Queries Drive Rankings

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 155 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

“Never scream just before attacking another ninja from behind. This will only alarm the ninja that you are about to do something funky.”

  • -Ninja wisdom
  • Imagine you’re a ninja warrior. If you only know kung-fu and how to use a pair of nung-chucks, what’s going to happen when you come up against a shadow warrior with dozens of shurikens, two katanas, a yumi, a yari, and other such weapons?

    This is much the same way that you need to be a good searcher when it comes to link development. If you are not well rounded with your search creativity, you will be slaughtered in the SERPS by those that are. WMW in Vegas was a great time, and it gave me a great example of creative querying from mod-buddy Roger “Martinibuster” Montti. While I know Roger definitely has an abundance mentality in regards to information, I also know him well enough to know he’s only going to give away great techniques unless he’s used for a reasonable amount of time, or figured out some much better ones.

    From his presentation, Roger gave a killer example of searching SMARTER for links rather than searching harder. He’s also recently written a nice piece entitled, Link Development is Dead which stresses the recent evolutions of link development. With all the talk of trust, sandboxing, and other linking related issues, I think it’s safe to say that a handful of GOOD quality niche related links are going to go a lot farther than a quantity of average links. Even more than that, it’s the TOP links that are most likely ultimately going to drive your top rankings.

    So how do you get creative with your queries?

    Well if I tell you it’s not going to be very creative now is it?

    The best link ninja queries are those where you identify a certain type of valuable link and find ways to refine the number of sites you have to sift through in order to find one.

    There are a lot of smart people out there doin’ creative queries and getting sharper as they search.
    Roger’s example (was something to the effect of):
    “your industry” advertising -cpm

    Which would help you to find strong places to advertise that aren’t doing banner ads.

    Other creative query examples
    Google honeypot hunters
    Google Dorks

    Search smarter. Not harder. Think of what you would ideally find (trusted links) and come up with a query for it.

    Get creative: We Build Pages Search Combination Tool.
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