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Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume #31 – SEO and Web Development Sales Tools

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 222 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.”

  • -Zig Ziglar
  • Sales can be a tough but essential part of business for anyone interested in freelancing or consulting. Good sales can make or break a business. There are not a lot of “online tools” for learning to sell web design and search engine marketing, but there are a lot of fantastic articles and discussions on the subject.

    There are a lot of subtle considerations to a sale. Time, budget, risk, likelihood for success, and margins being only a few of the many factors to take into account. As a freelancer just getting started, it is very tough to break it to someone for the first time that you will be charging them $50/ hr. It does get a little easier, but it’s always tough to deliver the blow the first time you decide to raise your prices. I generally only raise prices for NEW clients and give a nice long grandfathered period for older clients. Telling your new rate to someone for the first time is still tough. Not only do they have to decide if you’re worth it…YOU have to decide if YOUR worth it to them.

    The number one rule in SEO and web development sales is to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Even if your a greenhorn frontpage webmaster working out of your parents basement, your conduct will leave a lasting impression. Wear a suit (or at least a tie)…it’s only for a few hours. Use professional letterhead, business cards, and contracts. Little details in regards to business go a LONG way when you are getting started as an SEO consultant or web developer.

    SEO and Web Development Sales Tools

    Resources and top reads on SEO and web development sales

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    • webprofessor

      Nice list !
      The and are great sites to read for introductions as well.

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    • Alex Piner

      Good work. The contracts and sales advice should save folks a bit of time. See you next monday.

    • feedbuzzard | Maximize your adsense earnings

      I would say that good grammar is pretty important too. Something you have missed in this post. ;^)

    • site admin

      Yes, my grammar and spelling are fairly atrocious at times. I don’t spell check or grammar check for my blog, though I probably should.

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    • John Bertrannd

      I agree, be sure you can always answer your client’s questions, do not say i will answer you tomorrow because your “trust” might be a problem. Keep the client is his own respect, remember you do “Customer marketing” and NOT “product marketing”. You need to find out the client’s needs and try to solve his/her problems. They don’t need to hear YOUR problems. Once you bring the client in an “agreement” always keep mention his name and do so. Once the client is willing to sign, stop talking, do’n give more sales pitches or negative influences, you might have a problem again coz you talked too much.

      Remember to solve client’s needs and problems at any time. Don’t forget to call him/her every now and than… and NOT when he/she needs to pay again for renewal !!!

      On the end…….How good are YOU???? You are that good as your LAST client.

      Best regards,
      John Bertrand

    • SEO Tools

      Hi all.

      I have recentlly created a web site with free webmaster and seo tools. Please feel free to play with those tools and send me your comments.

      Ciprian Sorlea.

    • seoluv

      My new alternative to the old hard-sell, “close the deal NOW” app-roach is
      “Conceptual Selling.”

    • spe

      Dear Mr. Ploppy Sir,
      ~how much
      how long~

    • Sarah

      Agreed SEO Luv – conceptual selling.. the only way to go :-)

    • Facebook User

      Not sure how I found this page, but it made for some interesting reading…2005, those were the days!