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Book Breakdown Break – Sun Tzu Was a Sissy

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 231 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

I’m happy to say I’ve taken lots of time lately to read OFFLINE with a handful of books that I will post about shortly. I got a chance to do some reading during a short few day break, and though I’d take the opportunity to write about each of the books I’ve read recently.

Book: Sun Tzu Was a Sissy by: Stanley Bing

Subtitle: Conquer your enemies, promote your friends, and wage the real art of war.

Here’s the scoop: A dry and humourous view of modern coporate business life.

Interpreted Thesis: Life as a corporate executive is shady at best, and not everyone has a humanistic point of view. Business is war without the physical messiness.


  • -Business
  • -War

  • -Winning
  • -Capitalism

    Extended: Okay, the title of this one roped me in. Just calling Sun Tzu a sissy is both hilarious and brilliant. Extending on that topic and it’s application to business is pretty fun in my mind. I don’t really agree with the Machavellian type attitude of every man for themselves, but it is a fun insight into how life in the corporate heirarchy would work. Something like this visually. Funny, but pretty sullen, sarcastic, and pessimistic.

    Favorite part: Corporate graphs to illustrate blatantly obvious and side splitting examples.

    Favorite portions:

  • -Size tactics for different people
  • -Tranforming the enemy
    Application to SEO:

    Each industry online is a war on a macro scale with micro warriors. Every phrase is a weapon. Every niche is a battle. The terrain isn’t always visible, but there are definitely some booty to be had. Know your enemy, and learn to love them. Study their art like it is your own. Enlist friends and allies to acheive mutual success. No man is an island, but you can predict the actions of a true capitalist, and play a few moves ahead.

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