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SEO Makes You Smart Part III: Search -> Information Storage and Retrieval

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 200 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Continued from:
SEO Makes You Smarter Part I: Abundance Mentality and the “Progressive Effect”

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  • SEO Makes You Smart Part II: Searching Better Makes You Smarter

    We’ve already covered a bit about why being a better searcher makes you smart. If you can’t see the image on your desktop, this post is specifically for you. You can actually improve on your searching skills by accelerating the process of the retrieval of your important information. At some point, I became extremely anal retentive about bookmarks, and realized that this had actually become an asset. When I want to know about a certain subject of search engine marketing, I generally have a repository of information socked away someplace for easy access.

    A testament to obsessive information retrieval was the first few editions of Mr. Ploppy’s Tools. These were just piles of tools that I had organized on certain topics for when I needed them. Now I have a nice list of tools to use for most any situation. Rather than going back and finding them individually, I had them in one nice place for easy access. Easy information retrieval was actually early rationale for blogging as well.

    The extra few minutes to organize and bookmark has been well worth it when I go back to expand on ideas as well. When developing lists of resources, or writing an article on a specific topic, this is extremely handy. I’ve used this for SEO/SEM, but I’m sure it would be quite useful for other industries as well, and for those who have learned that sharing is smart. Information storage and retrieval is almost as important to long term learning, as deciding who to listen to. Since we’re talking about tools, here’s my favorite information retrieval tools:

    Information Storage and Retrieval Tools

    • Bloglines
    • Folders in my bookmarks toolbar in FF
    • lots of folders in FF
    • FF add bookmark here plugin – absolutely essential
    • FF bookmark synchronization – essential for backup
    • – new to this, but liking it already

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