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12 Step Program for Blog and Forum Addiction

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 254 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

It’s time to get back to work.

Hello…my name is Todd, and I’m helplessly addicted to blogs and forums. I thought I would start a 12 step program for those who have become information junkies with blogs and forums, and any other trendy new variations like blorums (or perhaps even splogs). It started with just a single forum…then a couple…then bookmarks…rss feeds, forums that watched forums, and finally bloglines. It has become uncontrollable. Even with aggregation and feed snippets I can’t keep up anymore. It is too much information. I realized it was time to take control of my problem.

12 step program for beating blogs and forums

  1. I have admitted that I am powerless over the draw of forums and blogs. Work has become unmanageable and will never get done if I worry about the opinions of forum trolls living in their parents’ basement.
  2. I believe that there is a higher power (than Blogger, Google, Feedster, Technorati, and Bloglines), that can draw me back to working rather than reading why 30 people think the value of H1 tags has decreased in the last two days.
  3. I made the decision that I will only check Bloglines once a day, and reduce my hourly forum checking to mornings and evenings. I guess I really DON’T need to know about every new product, joke, or employee of Google and Yahoo the second that it happends.
  4. I’ve taken inventory of my favorite posts and bookmarked them all for weekend reading.
  5. I am admitting to everyone the nature of my problem, and that I can no longer read EVERYONE’s blog.

    I am sure the invisible web will naturally engulf all defective characters, and they will be flamed into oblivion on any forum post by other newbies who understand marginally more than them for how incredibly stupid they are for asking a question.

    I humbly ask that you do not ping me anymore good posts, or your bloglines feeds as it will only detract from my recovery.

    I’ve made a list of all people I’ve wronged by no longer reading their blogs. I will someday try to link to you all.

    If I cannot make direct ammends with you, I owe you drinks at the next conference and you can tell me about your favorite cat posts or tin foil hat theories.

    I will continually inventory and monitor my forum and blog use, and refrain from “me too” posts, extensively long winded responses, discussions on directories and reciprocal linking, or ever stepping foot into a Google update thread ever again.
    I’m sure I will sacrifice some sites to the Google gods in order to better understand my own SEO. This is to be expected by not living intraveneously through the mistakes and successes of others on the forums. Fortunately, by begging and pleading with engineers – I know that the important sites will come back. I will only re-enter forums and the blogosphere to tirelessly grovel and whine about the sites in which I was powerless to not get a ban lifted and repeatedly ask the same question and vehemently insist that I did nothing wrong until I am banned from the forum or beaten with a large virtual trout.

    I will carry this message to other SEO’s…to get your ass back to work and quit reading stupid stuff like this when you could be link building, writing, or editing HTML. These principles of realizing that working on sites is more important than any blog or forum will help to keep SEO’s away from aimless chatter and developing new mindnumbing words like blogosphere.

There is help. You can have moderation to your procrastination. You too can reduce your forum and blog reading.

Inspired by Graywolf’s post about a nice rant on SEO Rockstars about forums, and Oilman and SEguru’s commentary. I’m sorry I can no longer read your blog Michael;)

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  • erik

    What – you mean my clients don’t benefit from my knowing what NickW’s pissed off about each hour?

    Good post – well taken (he says, reading Bloglines while cleaning up the kitchen after dinner).

  • webprofessor

    Amen to that

  • Justilien

    Does that mean you are going to leave your new pda/cell at the office when we go out to eat? LOL

  • Thomas

    Excellent! But I’m not addicted. Really. Honestly. I can stop.

  • site admin

    The first session of FAA (forum abusers anonymous) will be held shortly.

    All the free coffee, sugar cookies, and second hand smoke you would like.

    The PHPbb site should be up shortly;)

  • Jmskye

    I can understand how addiction to slanderous opinions, scrolling through pages and pages of endless dribble can be a problem. Even regressive to a dangerous point of mindless disposal. But addiction to information has never seemed like a drawback to me. A friendly challenge – visit a place where knowledge is lacking – not only will you notice the lack of traffic lights, and educational facilities, but also bloggers. Should someone do a poll?

    I know this breaks the rules of your rehabilitation but… :)
    Check out this new affiliate marketing blog. It’s based on scientific test results.

  • rogerd

    Since when is forum addiction a BAD thing? Addicted members are the sign of a healthy community! ;)

  • Terry

    Todd your post is so timely for me! I can’t take it anymore either lol, too much to keep up with and too much distraction with all the blogs and the forums (all excellent too). I think I had a meltdown last month ;). Earlier today I just decided to import everything into bloglines (over 200 freakin things) and read the suckers ‘whenever’. And that’s not including all the forums (cry).

    I just popped over here today to scoop up those seobook graphics – still have to set one up on my blog. I dunno what happened and why the delay, I think I got distracted by some blog.

    Keep your chin up Todd – *it will* get better! ;)

    Now I’ve got to dash and get my ass back to work!

  • TheWhippinpost

    It comes and goes in cycles…

    You come out of cold-turkey and get back to work for a while. One day, you visit an old haunt – just to keep yer hand in with your mates – and realise that the fast-paced world of the net has moved-on; You shit, then decide to check out your favoured other sources of information to learn more… and so it goes on…!

    A pound says you’ll find yourself back in therapy before the yr’s out ;¬)

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  • Natasha Robinson

    It’s 12:12 am my time and taking a “break” from working, what do I do? I head to my Thunderbird to see if there’s anything new to read; because, lord knows people in search marketing always have something to say at odd hours *(lol)

    As if I’m not already tired and worried about making deadlines… something makes me click the link and read… and comment. I need rehab and I curse the person who invented the RSS feed!

    Natasha “That Girl From Marketing” Robinson

  • junayad khan


    I am very happy that I got nice information about how to Cure addiction from your blog and I hope you will write more about it.


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