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10 Random SEO Tips for any Website

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 262 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Here are ten things I generally check out first with most every website that I look at. Most are fairly simple and straightforward, but the combination of each of these things and the other six dozen variables on my checklist usually add up to pretty good rankings. While these are seemingly simple things, it is AMAZING how many sites (even with SEO’s) miss at least one of them. It’s all about the details folks.

10 SEO Tips to Make Any Website Better

  1. Make sure all pages are consistent in their naming conventions (I.E. no dupe pages – same content different names) – This is especially true with the homepage. Please don’t have the and and all with the same homepage content.
  2. Staying with consistency – make sure the non-www version of your site 301 redirects to the www version.
  3. Please write good titles – if I see “homepage” or just your company name in the title bar I may have to gnaw my arm off. I will only rip my hair out if you have the same title for every page on your site.
  4. Use your internal anchor text – it is really one of the most powerful elements of SEO and one of the best kept secrets. I can’t GIVE you the secrets, but wise up and be creative with how you link to other pages on your site
  5. Don’t go hog wild with images and use some good alt text (especially if they’re linked)
  6. Write some content for cryin’ out loud – there is NO reason to only have 20 words on a page unless it is a page about clarity being brevity.
  7. Build a sitemap – use good descriptive relevant internal anchor text and link to your important pages first. Build multiple sitemaps if necessary.
  8. If it is at all possible rewrite your urls – forget about SEO – it just looks so much prettier.
  9. Make “commercial” words images – it’s good to appear to be a resource even when you’re just hawking your wares. Buy, shopping, cart, purchase, etc. – make this text an image where possible. It pays to be paranoid about which words you use. Big brother is watching, but he can’t read images well yet.
  10. I only had nine good ones on the top of my head – GET MORE LINKS

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  • KC

    Great tips! But I wasn’t sure what you meant by “rewrite your URLs” – could you give an example?

  • Chris Nielsen

    How about keyword research…?


  • Suchmaschinenoptimierung

    One thing to add don´t use crappy java animated or flash menus. Its very importent to have a site infrastructure that can be accessed by spiders easy.And while you are writing articels interlink them ,the web is after all about links.

  • site admin

    Here’s an example of what I mean:

    URL re-writing tools

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