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Those New to SEO – Learn Who to Listen To

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 270 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

There is a ridiculous amount of information regarding internet marketing. A majority of it is very basic, written by those who have gotten through the basics. Some of the information is just plain bogus or outright lies. Then there are those who are grateful for having learned a craft from the online medium and want to give back to the communities that has given so much to them. As the bright folks in the audience know…the internet is a “give to get back” kind of place. There is an unwritten tradition in online forums to help those that are most helpful. In quality communities the good information will rise to the top and be referenced repeatedly.

It is a bit unnerving where someone may start in their quest for knowledge, with all the information available to those just getting into SEO and internet marketing. A simple search for “internet marketing” reveals 273 MILLION sites at the time I am writing this. The worst part is that there is SO much different and conflicting information that it could drive someone mad, or drive them away from the pursuit of more effective internet marketing.

The answer to the internet marketing information overload quandry?

Learn who to listen to. I was lucky enough to learn this lesson early on in my career, and have kept it in the back of my mind often. If you take a holistic approach to internet marketing, you need to know enough about each area of the internet marketing mix to effectively delegate when you are not the person for the job. Being able to identify when a certain aspect of internet marketing is more beneficial to a client raises your value to them. If I need to know about affiliate marketing management, I may not have all the answers for a client, but I certainly know the right people to ask now.

Surround yourself with a network of people that you can count on for quality information. Get to know the people who know their niches best and keep in contact with them. Be grateful and reciprocate information, favors, and helpfulness. Stay in the know – learn who to listen to. Get a bloglines account and subscribe to those who know their niche. Talk to people at conferences and ask your important questions. Use IM to keep in contact. Know and remember who to ask when you have questions about specific topics.

For some of the people I have learned to listen to, check out my bloglines subscriptions.

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  • Kelly

    A bit off topic, but I like the blog-logo. I have been hit four times walking to work. So far, no injories. I had a gun pulled on me too. I should take a cab. Happy blogging.


  • Bill Kelm

    SEO 2.0 is a great buzz-catch phrase which I am all in favor of promoting
    as long as the definition is as ethical and value driven as yours, Todd

    People should become SEO’s first, IMO, because they want to help their
    client’s customers, their clients company, and the competent, valued
    employees that work there have a more secure future. A sincere belief in
    that, or not, does come across eventually.

    Actions (or lack of actions) speak louder than words, and those results
    will define the reputation of the search marketing industry more than
    anything, IMO. At the risk of shameless self promotion (even though I’m
    not trying to financially sell anything), I think you’ll find my “SEO Seller &
    Buyer Performance Evaluations” post based on traditional ad agency
    criteria interesting =

  • Bill Kelm

    Oops! This comment was supposed to go under your 4/10/06 post on “Being an SEO – Can We Start SEO 2.0?” I must have had a “senior moment” while multi-tasking.

  • Kristian

    I’m very new to seo but i think that it’s not that hard for getting backlinks .Thanks for sharing this info .

  • Shannon Lilly

    Here is my take on SEO, SEO is more then just ranking well in a copetitive niche, SEO is a way of life, its what defines you as a business. SEO should only be done to a website that wants to increase traffic and sales, that is what its for. If you are a webmaster do not recommened SEO to someone when it may not really matter!