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Examples of Bad Reciprocal Link Requests

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 353 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

I get bad link requests all the time. I’m sure you do as well. The below is only a few days worth Don’t be a e-mail link request spammer. My next post will be an example of a good dialogue.

Example 1

Dear Friends,

We have had your site listed in our directory for some time now but you still have not returned the favor. We would like to maintain your listing as one of our link partners and designate your site by moving it near the top of its respective category. I would ask that you reply to this message by June 06 to keep your listing live as a link on our site.

You can find your website’s listing in our link directory:

The listing is in the Not Linking Back theme at this page:

My website is:

Name removed to protect the guilty

Info to add my website’s link to your website:

(We do not include samples as everyone uses them resulting in emails that look like spam once a webmaster receives 4 or 5 of them.)

Example 2

problem: Hi Webmaster!

We manage some car hire and travel websites and would like to exchange links with you.
If you are interested in the link exchange, please send us your link information (description, URL, Title..) so that we can go ahead and add your link.

In the future can see your link at:







Below is our link information and HTML code:

Site Name : Car hire location
Site URL : www.crappysite.com2
Site Description : Car Hire location airport car hire spain, Cheap car hire location and over 4,300 locations worldwide.

Site Name : Location holiday
Site URL :
Site Description : Choose your holiday car rentals and vehicle hire in locations and Worldwide destinations with instant confirmation of your car rental booking.

Site Name : Car hire location Airport
Site URL :
Site Description : . Car Hire at location airport, location offers car hire on location, spain a fast and easy way to book your car hire in location

Site Name : Car hire country
Site URL :
Site Description : Country care hire offers the best fully inclusive car hire prices in over 4,500 rental locations UK & worldwide

Site Name : Car rental location
Site URL :
Site Description : Carrental4all. Car Rental location, car rental location, cheap car rental location


Best regards,
Name Removed to protect the guilty

Example 3

Dear Webmaster,

I am writing to you because I am exchanging links with some of the best business websites on the web, and I want to exchange reciprocal links between and my site.
My site,, is one of the leading franchise and business information sites. We have thousands of people visit our website each day looking for franchising and small business information in their desired industry. I feel that a Link Partnership between our sites will provide a valuable resource for each of our readers and will be instrumental in building traffic for both sites. I look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can both begin to enjoy the benefits of a link partnership.


Name removed to protect the guilty
Webmaster, Huckster Site

DESCRIPTION:Huckster site provides only the best franchise opportunities in an easy to use format.

PS- If you are interested in Pursuing a Link Exchange with our site Please feel free to use the information above.Also please send me your information as well as the exact location of my link and I will have your link placed and confirmed within 48 Hours.In accordance with government legislationand the new Cann Spam act regarding unsolicited emails If you’re not interested and wish to not be contacted again please just let me know by emailing me at with the subject REMOVE and I will promptly remove you from my contacts immediately.

Example 5 -

this site also has an automated directory submissions page

Dear Webmaster/Website Owner of :

We have a new website! Location DISC

You may have linked with us to our other website,, or maybe this is the first time we contacted you?

Establishing a potential linking relationship between our two
organizations using out websites may help improve the search engine position or page rank in the long term and give you extra targeted web
traffic at no cost to you….sharing recriprocal links is an SEO
technique that you should consider.

(If you wish to be REMOVED from our database of links partners, Please REPLY to this Email with the word REMOVE in the subject and we will
promptly remove you.)

We are interested in exchanging links with your site, The purpose of this exchange is to

“generate more high quality traffic for both of our


Please take a few moments to briefly review our site:

“Location Wedding Disc Jockey Entertainment services”

PLEASE LINK TO US! Our Linking information is below,

Then after you have placed our link on your website


with your linking information (URL and Website

DESCRIPTION) and we will add your right away!

URL: http://

Link Text: Location Area Wedding DJ Entertainment service

HTML Code:

Location Area Wedding DJ Entertainment service

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to

e-mail me at: removed

Thanks for your interest – we look forward to hearding from you – add your link then email me and I will personally get your link posted to
our site within 48 hours!

Name removed to protect the guilty
Links Manager


If you wish to be REMOVED from our database please REPLY to this Email with the subject REMOVE. We need this email to see your URL to find you
and remove your promptly.


Example 6 -

Dear Sir,

I was looking around the Internet and found your website. Because you have made such an attractive and informative website, I am sure that my users would enjoy it.

I believe our websites compliment each other well and would appreciate if we exchange links each other. The way search engines value link popularity will mean we will both also hopefully benefit from higher rankings.

I look forward to your reply.


Indian Search Spammer

Sometimes it’s fun to write back and say “your link has been placed”, just for the sheer satisfaction of thinking about them searching for their link if they have not fully automated their system. Don’t automate your requests to do business.

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  • Brandon Hopkins

    Those are actually pretty good in comparison to the ones I get…I have had people send me 5 emails to the same site…they just harvested every email address from that site and sent them out…idiots!

  • Frances Leyland

    Do you know, I never thought before of emailing back saying a link has been placed. What a brilliant idea.

  • painting SEO

    I am a new one to seo. And I always send email in the way mentioned above. Indeed, I usually do not receive replay. May be there are some mistakes.

  • 创业投资信息中心

    I am a new one to seo. And I always send email in the way mentioned above. Indeed, I usually do not receive replay. May be there are some mistakes.