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A Blueprint for OpenRank – Text Link Valuation Litmus Test

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 14 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

I received an e-mail from Christoph Cemper this morning asking about my thoughts on the disappearance of PageRank. He also sent me a link to his excellent post about PageRank, Trustrank, Webrank – Where is the OpenRank?

Considering it for a few moments, I thought it would be a great thing to post on right away. I had been thinking along the same lines that someone will most likely capitalize on the need for a text link valuation benchmark, but I hadn’t considered the idea of making it an open source type endeavour. What a brilliant idea Christoph!

I will begrudingly admit that I still like PR. If it *is* gone, I would miss it for a little while. Not because it has much inherent value, but because it saves me a bit of time by showing me if a page has much link reputation in the eyes of Google. It has become a part of the vernacular and fairly savvy business owners understand it and it helps to explain the meaning behind it (link popularity). Sure it is behind, it is not accurate, it can be manipulated…blah, blah, blah. I don’t really like sending G my data either, but I DO like being able to have a quick glance and get a ballpark feel for a page’s link popularity. I use it mainly because I haven’t found something quick and easy that is better yet.

So here’s my plea: Someone write an OpenRank Toolbar or FF extension:

Blueprint for OpenRank

I’m sure this can be changed, but I think it would be useful to the internet marketing community as a whole to have an agreed upon system for measuring value of text links. PR somhow turned into the default and spawned a micro-economy based upon it. Don’t try to benefit your company by harvesting all the data. Write this nice extension and if it is widely adopted people will recognize and respect you for it. Give to get back. The paradox of the web.

OpenRank Criteria

Would probably ask that it required a Yahoo and Google API to comply with SE TOS.

  • ONE OVERALL METRIC – perhaps one to a hundred scale
  • total # of backlinks
  • # unique linking domains
  • relevancy of backlinks
  • theme of site
  • number of outbound links on the page
  • surrounding text – length and type of link
  • theme of the specific web page.
  • age of site – wayback machine information
  • More on text link quality and valuation

The “search status” extension for FF is one of my favorites. Basing something around it would be fantastic. Yes this isn’t an EASY thing to pull off, but it is definitely possible. At the very least Christoph has helped to form an ideal for the internet marketing community to work towards.

E-mail me suggested additions for this list and I will add them.

  • Link development post-PR
  • * Link History: a “fingerprint” of the history of when incoming links were garnered.” – From the Master of cloaking software
  • More information about Todd Malicoat aka stuntdubl.

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