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Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume X – Ploppy Goes Blackhat – Blackhat Tools

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 31 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Blackhat SEO Tools

Notes by Admin:
I tried to stop him, but Mr. Ploppy got hold of a bottle of absinthe over the weekend and it’s been all bad mojo since then. He insisted on releasing this post despite asking him not to. He claims that he is just playing with these tools so he knows what he is up against, and I actually believe him because in his current state he probably wouldn’t have the mental capacity to use them anyhow. I urge you NOT to try these tools (or absinthe for that matter). Mr. Ploppy and those like him give folks that practice honest SEO a bad name.

There is a funny paradox that has evolved in SEO. SEO “ethics” have actually become a “unique selling point” rather than just standards. Is it less ethical to use cutting edge techniques that are not consistent with search engine terms of service than it is to take on a client that is in an industry that utilizes “darker hat” techniques in order to be competitive? Personally, I would probably not do either, but I like knowing what I’m up against if I take on a client in the mortgage, finance, supplements, metro travel, or high competition arenas. I want to be able to identify and diagnose the use of “blackhat tools”. There are a variety of techniques that are used in these areas that does not abide by the SE terms of service (though they often go un-noticed). Since, by virtue of BEING an SEO I will not fill out a spam report on a competitor, I want to know that I can beat a site with “legitimate” techniques, not take on the game at all, or start an affiliate program so someone else can do all the dirty work for me ;). Managing client expectations appropriately is definitely key to being successful. Taking 2k per month and telling someone they will rank for “home loans” in 6 month is *much* less ethical than spamming search engines in my mind. As the now oft quoted adage goes “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.”

Hmm, what was that quote from a Yahoo rep who shall remain nameless, about you not wanting to take a sword to a gunfight? IE, don’t expect white hat may work in an area heavily black hat. Perhaps, but I’d still like you to learn swordplay before handing over that assault rifle. You’re likely to hurt fewer people, plus you probably won’t blow your own foot off as fast :)” – Danny Sullivan from here.

Please don’t blow your feet off kids

Content Spam Tools

Content Scrapers

Cloaking Tools

Cloaking Resources

Link Spamming Tools

Other Blackhat Tools

More Resources on Blackhat Tools and Search Engine Spam

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  • Brandon Hopkins

    Wow, that is a huge list…I’ve never even looked at BH tools…very interesting even if you don’t plan to use them.

  • mike anderson

    With my black hat experience it is good to get websites indexed faster, but in the long run. add and good links palced on the right websites are far more effective.

  • Philski

    Hi all, Great list, thanks

    Im a serious white hat. But, i still think black hat is a real part of the seo community, and do need to learn more,

    i just started a comprehensive Black Hat “A” list on one of my sites, your all more than welcome to add comments and promote your own site – tools – insight there as well, and anything like Mr. Ploppy’s list are sure to be included.

    just out of interest after 3 days targeting blackhat as a phrase, i have multiple top 10s, and out rank so many black hat seos, it really isnt funny, perhaps im just lucky.

    Kindest Regards

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