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SEO is a Catchphrase – Public Relations and Advertising Agencies

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 52 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Public Relations and Advertising Agencies –

What they do:PR firms and ad agencies tend to handle the “traditional” advertising campaigns through media channels such as radio, television and print. While MANY of the concepts of marketing and advertising are similar in the new media advertising of the Internet, some of the rules have definitely changed. PR firms and advertising agencies have had a natural progression into SEO (this is not to say they have all totally embraced it) because they are the backbone of the advertising and marketing industry. One of the biggest changes is the ability to more adequately track the direct benefits of advertising.

Every advertising and marketing campaign in the world has a ultimate sole purpose: generate the potential for more leads, business, exposure or sales. In the search world of direct marketing, they are just held much more accountable for spend, by not being able to justify everything with “adding brand value”. When metrics are measurable and trackable it makes someone much more vulnerable when they screw something up. It generally also divulges who’s really doing the work.

How it might change:
Traditionally, a public relations department was used to polish the image of a person or company. The are essentially spokespeople for the corporate entity or the person who is larger than life. Those same folks will need a voice online. A celebrity does not really want to search google for their name and get all hate sites. This is where search engine public relations comes into play. Converseon is the first company I have heard of doing something like this and advertising it as a dedicated service. Here’s a scenario: Cutting edge service has high profile blogger sign up. High profile blogger accidently e-mails everyone in his address book. High profile blogger publicly apologizes and gives the company a bit of a lashing. The lashing escalates into a thrashing by the thousands of blogger disciples. Now I’m not really taking sides here, just showing a scenario. You can imagine how the SERPS look for that particular brand name now. The potential for damage to a brand in search results is astronomical. This opens up a whole new marketplace…online reputation management…online public relations….search public relations. Call it what you will, but Walmart has already caught on, read about the steps they are taking for brand damage counteroptimization. Creating multiple sites, or enlisting others to help you to do this will be important to brand management in the future. Creating that same friendly “internet persona” that you see in magazines, television, and hear on the radio will have to be someone’s job. Branding is a catchphrase like SEO.
How to become an online public relations manager or internet ad agency manager:
This is where all the marketing students still have a chance. With the broadening skillset essential to become an SEO, it is guaranteed to cause these specialities to appear. Those with strong knowledge of traditional media marketing, public relations, and advertising will be able to move into this space as project managers if they can wrap their mind around the technical issues to communicate with those who actually need to make the things happen on a technical level. This communication can actually be quite difficult…if you’ve ever been in a meeting with a network administrator and a head of marketing you know the communication stumbling blocks that I am talking about. It’s no fun when everyone walks out of a meeting frustrated and worried. Bridging those gaps is definitely important. Communication skills, management skills, and marketing skills, combined with a bit of technical knowledge will help someone to jump into a role like this. Learn to at least understand as much as possible about internet marketing to manage it all in a single place. Clients want to have a definitive source to count on for credible answers with all the misinformation flying around in such a volatile and fast paced environment.

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