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SEO is a Catchphrase – Affiliate Marketing is Like Retail Sales

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 50 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Affiliate marketers –
What they do:
Create “affiliate sites”, rank them high and get commissions off online sales. Affiliate marketing is strikingly similar to a modern version retail sales. Affiliate marketers are paid a percentage based on many criteria…as with retail sales…location is everything….with affiliate marketing the location is at the top of the serps rather than mainstreet. The more traffic to a site (or foot traffic to a retail outlet) the more likely the customers are to pay a higher price. The more people the better the chance of converting enough folks to make a profit. In my mind, the best affiliate marketers are the pros of the SEO industry. They are the people willing to get “down and dirty” and just sell. There is no school for affiliate marketing – learn online and run with it. It takes a true entreprenuerial mentality. An affiliate marketer must understand all aspects of how the web works…user psychology, web development, search engine optimization, etc. Affiliate marketers “control their own destiny”, and seem to see opportunity in every crisis. They are soldiers of fortune that create Christmas sites in July (or July of two years previous now.) Affiliate marketers are often the “blackhats” that give the industry a bad name as well. This works both ways, as they also do the “dirty work” that corporations want no part of to keep their reputation from being tarnished. They will be happy to garner the traffic that goes with cutting edge borderline techniques, they just would rather have the affiliates do them to keep a safe distance from liability.

How it might change:
The techniques will of course change. Competitive industries will become more cutthroat with things like Googlebowling as people realize the potentials spoils. Focus on NICHE. Keep searching for high demand/ low competition areas to target. As algorithms get better the methodology will of course have to evolve with it. Some things that have changed over the last couple years are the rate at which sites grow and get links. The types of links will certainly become more of an issue with links pages, reciprocal links, off-topic links, and other such techniques being devalued as time progresses. Choose one of two routes –

  • 500 sites that make $1 per day.
  • One site that makes $500 per day. Depending on your route you will use different techniques. Learning them all and coming up with a hybrid approach is probably safest and best. Good affiliates are like chameleons. They blend into their environment, and stay well under the radar in failure and success.

    How to become an affiliate marketer:
    As with any occupation, you must study hard and learn constantly. The initial learning curve is tough. Start with some of the other SEO related occupations I will be covering over the next week or so. Work in web design and development while you start to learn as they are critical skills to SEO. Consulting and making decisions from working theories is generally a good next step. Experiment and read often. Find some good merchants, and build around what you know to start.

    Here’s some places to start:

    Favorite Affiliate threads from WMW

    A little short on resources here for potential affs…maybe I’ll work on building this, or ask Mr. Ploppy to help. Whatya waitin’ for? Go get your slice of the affiliate marketing pie!

    Coming soon – other SEO Occupations:

    • SEO Consultants
    • Web developers
    • Public Relations People

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