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A Successful Site in 36 Months – Old Sites Rule Supreme

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 63 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Father TimeA bit of a precursor…one of the most long lasting and well respected documents ever written on search engine optimization is Brett’s Guide to 15k per day. It really is a fantastic architecture for long-term strategic internet marketing. It is based on fundamentals that (mostly) still hold up to this day (3 and a half years later in internet marketing time is quite remarkable). Well, G is constantly trying to change the face of the web, and whether you call it sandbox, litterbox, LSI, Hilltop or other, the simple fact is that new sites are pretty much severely handicapped by the current algorithms. This makes life a lot more challenging for SEO’s, but alternately is starting to weed out those that are less experienced and make the demand for quality SEO consulting that much higher.

I got a great laugh when I read this – Msg #22:
” A successful site in 36 months ”

  • -12 months sandbox
  • -12 months link penalty
  • -welcome to ground zero. – jaffstar

    The laugh was mainly because it is pretty true. One of the first questions we ask now is “how old is your site”. Those that aren’t very old get asked to send us an e-mail to detail their project since the likelihood that we could get them an effective ROI in a reasonable time frame is fairly doubtful (they also get asked if they have considered PPC). Sometimes you definitely have to know when not to optimize.

    So you have AT LEAST 12 months to rank for something competitive with a brand new site on Google. Don’t believe me? Check out the age of the top ten sites in your targeted SERPS. Of course there are instances where sites slip through, but they are fairly few and far between. Start writing a journal of articles and start attracting natural type-in and direct traffic from links that actually drive traffic. You will need to devise alternate methods of promotion while you wait out your time for competitive search rankings. There is always Yahoo and MSN, but with the current market shares it is tough to justify a head on SEO campaign for just the traffic from them. So here’s the first 2 year roadmap overview if you insist on going the long route.

    • Buy a new (better be extremely brandable) domain.
    • Build between 10 – 100 pages of good unique content
    • Get one high quality on theme link to the site after site is built
    • Site gets spidered
    • Spend a few days each month getting about a dozen links
    • Focus on getting some direct traffic
    • Go out and enjoy life so you’re not checking serps constantly
    • Wait
    • Wait some more
    • Consider buying a site now
    • Continue tapered growth of links and content ad infinitum

    Save your first year or two expenditures and buy an existing site. Get a domain that is a few years old and has a lot of wayback activity. It shouldn’t be TOO difficult to find some decent ones in any industry. If you can’t find one, pay some one for expert advice who can. The initial sticker shock hurts, but spreading hope over a few years will most likely hurt a bunch more. Time is an increasingly larger enemy of SEO’s these days. Think natural with your link development. There certainly are other workarounds, but I’d be a pretty crappy consultant if I gave them ALL away.

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