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Gardening and SEO – Become an SEO Expert in 7 Steps

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 70 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Become an SEO Expert in 7 StepsThis is a fantastic article written as a guide to those who want to become SEO’s. There really is a ton of BS in the SEO industry, and the way most everyone tries to distinguish themselves is by pointing out the BS of others. DG illustrates conflicting viewpoints well.

The rather disturbing point (I think) trying to be made is that SEO has unfortunately evolved from people writing good helpful information to those regurgitating information to prove how smart and qualified they are to be making big bucks. There is still a lot of friendly cooperation between SEO’s, but the mainstream popularity and explosive growth rate of the industry has made sharing top quality information in public an excercise in futility.

My two favorite parts:
Insert your comments on the importance of inbound links, randomized anchor text, Pagerank, authority sites, the Google sandbox, or any other buzzwords currently making the rounds in your favorite blogs and forums. The point here is to confuse your readers and make them unsure of their own theories.

  • -and-
  • It is time to reiterate that your service and/or product is the only method by which the reader can obtain SERP greatness. The old standby techniques of on-page optimization, reciprocal linking, meta tags, linking networks, blog-spamming, etc. (pick your favorites) are all accounted for in the latest search engine algorithms. Your brand-new, patented, and still-secret-to-the-engines method is the only path to ensure search engine greatness.


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