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Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume IV – Patent Paper Tools

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 75 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

So recent developments have seemed to change the game for SEO’s. Many of the variables listed in the latest patent paper released by Google have been theorized about by SEO’s for sometime, but it is definitely interesting to seem them come to light. This weeks list is based on doing some analysis for these newly established variables. Thanks to rand for giving a great run down to base some of the tool list on. He’s also released a very nice sandbox detection tool.

The traditional toolset of SEO’s is quickly becoming obsolete with the large data sets that are essential for important analysis. Methinks clever SEO’s are going to start hoarding large amounts of info similar to the way G does to be effective in the future. It’s going to be less and less useful using tools that only give “one-time” data without any type of trending information over time (since these seem to be among the most important “new” variables.) Better treat those programmers nice.

A few tools to aid with some of the new variables.

Document Inception Date

  • -Wayback Machine
  • -Wayback Extension for FireFox
    -Age of Website Tool
    Tracking Website Changes
    -Tip for finding last modified date – would probably make a nice “bookmarklet” if I knew anything about programming
    -URLy warning tool *note only briefly tested by Mr. Ploppy

    Identifying Duplicate content

  • -Copyscape
  • -Similar page Checker

    Domain Tools

  • – fast, powerful, and informative.
  • -IP Blacklist Checker

  • -Bulk Class C Checker
  • Rank Trending
    -Digital Point Rank Checker – Featuring some very nice recent upgrades

    User Data
    -Add to Favorites Script – to throw on all your websites now.

    Link Analysis

  • -Hub Finder
  • -C Class Backlink Analyzer – in case you missed it last week.

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    • Darth Guru

      Very Glad to find your site. You have a massive sem/seo resource warehouse going.