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Code is Poetry – Hidden Divs at WordPress

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 84 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

t-shirt from Aaron WallThis whole ordeal is really just a nice chuckle for SEO/SEM’s who spend too much time on their computers :) The synopsis of the story is that the gent who runs wordpress (whose software runs this site) decided to make some cash with the aid of some adsense, hidden div’s, and a whole helluva lotta links from the users of wordpress. WordPress is getting slammed for their crappy techniques.

NFFC had some sagely wisdom about the fiasco at TW:
If being dumb was a crime then I’d be doing life. If hypocritical was a crime I’d be doing life for that too. However it takes an almost heroic effort to be both dumb and hypocritical at the same time, Mr Word Press deserves all he is getting and more.

Lets not hide the issues though, indulge me while I go through them:

Is creating content specifically to show advertising wrong?
I say no, its what aol does, good enough for them…

Is creating content specifically for showing high paying advertising wrong?

Is creating a revenue source to help open source projects that are a benefit to the Internet commuinity a good thing?

So an open source website creating content that targets high paying ads to help fund thelmselves is a bad thing?
Yes. [I think I/we may have tripped the dumb hypocrite line!]

I hope the damage doesn’t trickle down to users in the very near future, as I’m not real excited about changing software after just starting to get used to this one, but I don’t see that WP has much hope of maintaining it’s charm and support.

I think I’ll buy one of Aaron’s shirts if he hooks up a version with rcjordan’s idea of “All Your Links are Belong to Us” on the back. I laughed out loud when I read both.

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