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Speculation: MSN Planning to Release PPC Program Soon

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 101 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

The rumor that spilled and started yesterday was that MSN will be announcing their new pay per click service very soon. While this is not a big surprise in itself since they have been recruiting for the positions associated with the new service for quite a while, it does bring up some interesting questions.

How will the existing relationship with Overture be handled?
From what I understand, the contract extends to some time in 2006, and I don’t imagine that was a very cheap contract. My guess is that M$ will continue to use Overture inventory until they have built up a strong enough user base to support themselves.

Can I get cheap nickle/dime clicks on incredible keywords?
As mentioned above, it’s pretty doubtful, but the idea of bidding on “search engine optimization consultant” for a dime sure has my motor running. Even if quick-to-adopt internet marketer’s don’t get nickle and dime clicks on highly competitive phrases, there still has to be some “sweet spots” between the cut off point of Overture inventory and Microsoft’s new inventory.

How ’bout some affiliate arbitrage?
With the above mentioned question in mind…can I bid low and sell the traffic high? Time to dig out some of those old affiliate username/ passes.

Will there be coupons at conferences?
MSN…if you’re reading this…you can make up for the shaft that you gave me and others when you turned us away at the door. Learn from G…break out some nice big PPC coupons and be sure to look the other way when we come up to your booth to grab a handful of them.

What will Google do?
This move puts the spotlight on the former media darling in my opinion. With both MSN and Yahoo (with their soon to be announced contextual advertising publishers program) going after G’s cash cows what are they going to come up with to continue their projected growth levels?

What will Yahoo do? (oh right, the contextual advertising thing)?
This has still gotta be a pretty hefty hit to Yahoo revenue when this one slides away. Not real sure what the “experts” say MSN market share is, but I know what it is in my stats, and a lot of times it seems fairly close to the ‘hoo. Since a very substantial portion of revenue/profit comes from paid search ads and Y is losing 20, 30, 40%(?) of their paid search distrubution…well…I think you can do the math.

I think ultimately, the same as a 3rd organic SE, the competition will be positive and will fuel positive growth in the industry. Perhaps, MSN will even take a stronger stance on click fraud and take more responsbility for aiding publishers with monitoring fraud levels. Hopefully we will also see some other nice services and tools evolve out of the competition that will make life as an internet marketing consultant a bit easier.

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