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PreSell Pages – Striving for the Perfect Link

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 59 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Well, I had a different topic to write on this morning when I sat down with my cup of coffee to write. Then I took a quick glance at my list of sites that keep me in the know on things (now using bloglines which is a fantastic tool), and I see Aaron’s post about Pre-Sell pages (which we had discussed a bit at SES). Since the cat’s already out of the bag on this one, I figured I’d comment on this, since I think it is a great technique worth mentioning, and I had been wanting to write more an this anyhow.

So far, I’ve already heard this method referred to as: content pages, content exchange, content links page, and interactive PR. I’m sure there will be many more creative descriptions for these, but essentially, it is striving for the perfect link. The question posed to SEO’s is, “what type of link will be MOST valuable, for the LONGEST amount of time?” The answer is a pre-sell page, and the rationale for them being closer to link value perfection will follow the description of what they actually are.

Former run of site text link strategy with example site:

  1. 1.Three words in anchor text (search engine optimization) on the bottom page of a large, high link pop (*cough* PR*), authority site across 10k pages (for demo purposes:

  2. All 10k pages link to – in a month they have 10k backlinks with their targeted anchor text, and high probability for good rankings (depending on competition of course). Rinse and repeat until rankings are achieved.

The big G monster (fortunately not Y and M yet), caught on to this little technique and have relatively devalued it, or at the very least changed the rules for doing it. Evolve or be invisible.

Pre-sell page strategy (finally) defined:

  1. 3 word anchor text on – search engine optimization
  2. 10k pages link to
  3. Create a page of unique content with 5 – 7 paragraphs (use a good ontology tool for finding a few phrases of the same theme), for
  • seo services
  • ppc services
  • affiliate management
  • big widgets
  • fuzzy wodgets

Each paragraph will have an embedded link deeplinked to the corresponding area of

Benefits: So why is this so great you may be asking? With the evolution of new search algorithm technologies (namely the advent of local rank, only valueing links from unique domains/ IP addresses, and whatever the hell else is devaluing ROS text links), context is a huge part of the value of a link. Think about the variables that used to be valuable to on-page SEO, and apply those to your partners links pages. You probably don’t have to send the host of your pre-sell page a web position gold report, but you can optimize those on-page factors before you send the page to them. should have good on-page SEO.

There are a lot of things that SE’s can determine from a page (what elements are the content region, navigation/template and/or duplicate content most importantly – these are SMART folks remember), and this is one of the reasons internal anchor text was devalued at some point. What they most likely WON’T be able to “strip out” and devalue, is links embedded inside the meaty unique content that they so desperately need to cache from all the little webmaster’s sites. “On-theme” pre-sell pages should be highly valuable for as long as search engine’s are based on link analysis.

SEO evolves again. Strive for perfection.

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