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Stuntdubl Changes it’s Look

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 136 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Okay, so I figured everything else was new (job, where I live, etc. etc.), so it was time for a new look at Most importantly, this system allows me to categorize entries which I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. So after a 4a.m. night doin’ the migration, design tweaking, importation and other stuff I think it’s startin’ to look decent. Thanks to Dan M. for the new logo, and my neighbors for leaving open their wireless network while I wait for my new internet service.

It only took me about ten minutes this morning to get my first attempt at comment spam too! I was pumped! Got to shoot that sucker down…no magazine subscriptions will be sold here. So yeah, this is a pretty lame post, but I figured it had to be made. I’m here in NY now, lovin’ the new job, and gettin’ my house in order (which has a LONG ways to go). I have never seen so many pizza shops and delis in all my life (but there are only like 3 Mexican restaurants)…found a couple good sushi shops so far also. I plan to be testing local search in a big way in a real world setting in the next couple months (since I’m just starting to figure out where everything is located).

Gonna try to spend a bit more time with the site now, but more importantly with the organization and structure of it. Hey, and you can comment now too! (as long as your not selling something).

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  • DigitalGhost

    Like the new look. After trying near all the blogware I decided on WordPress as well. I like the functionality, Nice to be able to make comments at your blog too.

    Now you can play with all the plugins. My blog is using a template I downloaded at one of the WP sites. Fit so well with the domain that I don’t think I’ll change.

    Now, back to work for me. I’ve got two years worth of LSI links and research to post.

  • Todd

    Yeah, actually, I owe you some thanks…after seeing your blog and the layout, I took a look and wordpress, and realized it wasn’t too difficult to migrate from blogger, and had a bunch of the stuff I had been severely lacking to take this more seriously (namely categories). I actually used template too, and just modified the header graphic. Can’t wait to see that LSI post!

  • BJ (the Digiot)

    Man, I had a sweet comment but it got eaten by the machine. The bottom line was nice work on the new site/life and nice work forcing Dan to do your gfx for you.

    The digital idiot

    …so sorry