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SEM 2005 vs. 2006 Predictions Table

text link brokerages vs viral link attraction –
"under the radar" text link purchase
purchased content vs user generated content
buying pagerank vs bashing pagerank
on-page optimization vs on-page naturalization
any links vs "non-seo" links
lots of links vs trusted links
link exchange vs content with links exchange
geo-targeting vs geovertical targeting
community discussion vs community reviewed content
url rewrites for spiderability vs url rewriting for user appearance and viral distribution
sandbox vs trustbox
directory submission vs article submission
press release links vs media distrubution communication
blog optimization vs blog community outreach
SEO-friendly copywriting vs web-copy language synonymy substitution
information architecture vs information architecture and strategic deeplinking
gut feel and split testing vs gut feel and multi recipe conversion tracking
Algorithm variable testing and threshhold identification vs algorithm variable hedge betting
rise of tagging vs rise of user tagging and bookmarking incentivization
discussion of google vs discussion of online media
blog spam vs parasite SEO
blackhat vs whitehat ethical debates vs sandbox existence debates
real business principles once again matter to online business valuation vs real marketing principles actually start to matter again
tagging and rss search vs automated mass tag distibution
blog readers for seo blogs vs reputation management through the blogosphere
shopping feed optimization vs one box optimization
affiliate ppc arbitrage vs affiliate content network based sales generation
3rd party ppc tools vs SE based PPC tools
click fraud auditing tools vs SE click fraud tools in response to increased advertiser pressure
lots of new google and yahoo acquisitions and products vs lots of msn acquisitions and products
  vs vertical niche specialization
  vs page view maximization
  vs page view duration optimization
  vs usability and standards compliance
  vs content contribution incentivization
  vs mobile content optimization
  vs fictional users
  vs "trust spam"
  vs improved tracking capability
  vs personalization manipulation