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Optimizing for Yourself? Lycos and Ask Jeeves Offering SEO Services

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 201 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

I caught this briefly today while perusing quickly through the news, and thought it rather ironic. Lycos and Ask Jeeves are apparently starting to offer SEO services for natural organic rankings. I’m not real sure what the benefit over paid search would be except that L and AJ are probably more happy because the cash goes directly to them rather than funneling through Google. It might be easier and more worthwhile to optimize FOR Ask Jeeves if they would take out about three quarters of the Google Adwords that they pile on top of the natural SERPS.

questioned a Jeeves rep about this at the Webmaster World Conference in Vegas last week and got some run around about how the paid search improved relevancy….riiiiiiiight…the relevancy in the lining of your pockets (yes, I realize this doesn’t make much sense). Patrick over at dotcomicide also has a few comments about Jeeves being “All About the Benjamins.”.

Really guys, how about spending your time making Teoma better, rather than working on optimizing sites for YOUR OWN listings. I’m pretty sure I’d be a killer SEO if I knew the exact algorithm. This is just serving to give search and SEO a worse reputation. Tell the butler to get back to work on thematic or personalized search.

Lycos – Ask Jeeves enter the organic SEO sector : Internet Search Engine Articles

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  • Dilip

    What most of these search engines other than Google offer are site submissions or some fee for the site to be included or indexed quickly. I wonder how services such as these can be easily misinterpreted as SEO services. Furthermore, do the guys at Lycos know full well know how to get a top ranking at Google? I don’t think so.