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3 Simple Reasons AuthorityLabs “Now Provided” Report is Awesome

AuthorityLabs created a new report called “Now Provided”.  The report is simple, useful, and excellent for taking back your page level keyword data for SEO campaigns. 3 Awesome Now Provided Report Features Identifies keyword opportunities (with data to support them) Provides long tail keyword information […]

50+ SEO Audit Questions
and the Tools to Answer Them

I’ve often heard doing a site audit is like telling someone their baby is ugly.  This is obviously news that can be sensitive to deliver to a site owner.  You need to have all your information in order, as well as suggestions for how to […]

Interview w/ Jennifer Evans Cario on Pinterest and Social Media

1. What are your favorite free or low-cost social media monitoring tools? The truth is, there are tons and tons of great tools out there available at free or close to free. The only way to really know what will work well for you is […]

Interview w/ Brett Tabke, CEO Pubcon on IA and Site Organization

1.     What are the most important considerations when creating a website information architecture? First, don’t reinvent the wheel. Spend the most amount of time looking at the software you are going to use to produce your site. Look for a good off-the-shelf Content Management System (CMS). […]

Link Building Is Like…

I’ve always used the analogy that link building is a bit like fishing. This has been for a handful of reasons: You need reliable hooks and good bait You have to understand the climate/ weather A great team catches together If you want quality, it […]

Interview w/ Chris Boggs of SEMPO on Hiring Ad Agencies

1. What questions should a company ask their SEO Agency? As organizations continue to see the value in SEO, many are using agencies or consultants to support those goals, due to lack of strong internal acumen, or simply the resource and time requirements to strategize […]

An Interview w/ Michael Stebbins: Entrepreneurship and Learning Online Marketing

1. What traits are most important to an online marketer? Michael: Traits? You’re looking for voyeristic, cliff jumping geeks. And I’m assuming you mean personal traits that are essential to being a successful online marketer. First I like to see a fascination with human behavior […]

An Interview with Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz

1.     Define SEO in 200 words or less. ~82% of all the clicks on search results in engines like Google & Bing go to the unpaid, organic results. Only ~18% go to paid listings. SEO is the practice of attracting traffic from those unpaid results and […]

Building a Website You Can Sell in 2013

General thoughts on website appraisal; TLDR version Rule #1 – You can’t sell potential.  Take the word out of your vocabulary.  Cringe when you hear it from others. Selling a website: Selling a website is tough.  Most people can’t even understand how a website works, […]

A Threadwatch Best Post Revival.

When re-doing my site for the first time in 4 years – I had to get rid of a lot of 404’s.  I also found all my posts to threadwatch.  My buddy Tony Spencer mentioned doing a roundup of some of the favorites.  Enjoy your […]

Interview w/ Jim Boykin, CEO,

Todd: 1. What makes a great linkbuilder? A great link builder is someone who can write and promote amazing content. Today I feel that a link builder should really be a Content Marketer and/or a Relationship Builder. A great content marketer is someone who can think of really […]

Interview with Patrick Gavin – Web Business Valuation and Brand Signals

Todd: 1.     How is SEO important to an online business? Patrick: I think it’s paramount for an online business.  I personally believe paid search is a very tough strategy for most small and mid sized businesses leaving organic search traffic as a huge part of the […]

Interview with Aaron Wall aka SEOBook

1. You’ve proved seo isn’t dead (repeatedly) – what is the future of it ? Search is becoming a big money game & the barrier to entry (particularly of building out your own site rather than riding on a 3rd party platform site) keeps being lifted. Even the […]

16 Things That Give SEO a Bad Name

16 things that are wrecking the “SEO Community” I’ve been putting this post off for quite a long time, but I figured it is a great way to start off a new run of blogging, and is still pretty much as accurate as when I […]

Competitive Intelligence: Using KOB Analysis for Planning SEO Campaigns

KOB Analysis stands for Keyword Opposition to Benefit Analysis. It’s the process I’ve used for the past several years to determine which projects have the most opportunity. It helps to determine which keywords to target so that resources will be used most efficiently for maximum […]

Website Valuation and Domain Appraisal Myths: A Cautionary Tale for Domainers

Firstly, I think domainers are geniuses. They are the only group of people that I know that can work as little as they do, and make as much as they do. Top level domainers are the TRUE optimizers, and saw the biggest gapping hole in […]

SEO Consulting & Certification

Todd has been doing SEO consulting for almost 10 years, and SEO Certification for over 5 years.  Education is at the heart of a good SEO campaign.  Search engine optimization is at the heart of a marketing campaign.  The touch points for true SEARCH OPTIMIZATION span many disciplines including paid search, public relations, web development, conversion optimization, design, web analytics, and social media marketing.  Digital marketing as a whole relies on a USER’s INTENT which is most easily determined at the point of search.

You have to understand your vistor’s intent to your website.  You have to understand your keywords.  You have to understand your site structure, conversion path, and end goals.  You have to understand how to measure and benchmark your goals, and how to get your message out to your target market.  This is a lot to cover for your average “webmaster”.

impact of seo on digital marketing

While algorithms are complex, users and good site design can be simple.  SEO concepts of keyword research, competitive analysis, crawl-able site architecture, offsite outreach, authority and content building are the foundations of any good organic search strategy.


SEO is a mindset of optimal marketing strategy capturing the minds of those searching for something with generic commercial intent.  The best acronym I’ve heard for SEO was not “search engine optimization”, but rather “seize every opportunity” (credit: linkdex).  In the first ten years of search, there was a LOT of opportunity.  SEO as a process for driving organic search traffic to a website has become a lot more than a cottage industry in the past 15 years – it has become an industry with literally billions in sales at stake, with high barriers to competition, and increasing change.  SEO is definitely not for the weak at heart.

Many of the marketers who study the art and science of optimizing a website for organic traffic understand and share the “mind of an optimizer”.  It’s part of why SEO is at the core of every marketing strategy.  It’s finding users SEARCHING for what you have to offer them (through any channel) who are potentially completely unaware of your business and what you have to offer them.  Much more than just ranking for keywords, this is OPTIMIZING the opportunity to leave a first impression on a potential lifetime costumer when they are most susceptible to your marketing.  Seems like a bit more than keyword stuffing and link building no?

My friend John Andrews has even went as far as to come up with some acronyms like “Seeking Extra Opportunities”, or “Something Everyone Overlooks”.  I kind of like “Solving Every Outcome”, “Soldier of Extracting Opportunity”, or my personal favorite “Strategy Execution Officer”.  Whatever your acronym for SEO, it should be noted that it is a marketing school of thought, and NOT just a process.  If there was a documented process for EVERY site, everyone would use it, and it would become far from the optimal strategy that an SEO practitioner should seek to identify and execute.

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