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Mike Stackhouse, CEO, SAMSA, Inc.

We at SAMSA owe a great debt of gratitude to Todd Malicoat for his valuable insight and hard work with Search Engine Marketing. When we first encountered Todd, the industry of SEO was relatively young – there were a lot of “smoke and mirror” operators out there.

With a serious need to offer serious SEO advice to SAMSA’s web clients, we cautiously engaged Todd to introduce us to the science of SEO. It was not a mistake. Todd has a way for seeing clearly through the cloud of issues related to SEO and internet marketing and valuation. A direct result of Todd’s work at SAMSA was that we relieved ourselves of two full-time sales associates with marginal production, and replaced them with our website for generating new business.

We couldn’t be happier with how Todd taught us the skills for properly marketing our business on the internet, which also qualifies us to offer that advice to our clients. Todd is an honest and fair individual, and we have continued to enjoy business dealings long after his departure from SAMSA. I would recommend Todd for any venture he pursues.