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Special Thanks to Everyone Who’s Helped Me

If you’re looking for someone to hire to do SEO/SEM or related work – For a trusted provider list for your project, please email me a brief summary, and I’ll refer you to the appropriate place.

Pretty much all the people below rock. This used to be a blogroll, but I figured it would probably be nicer to say a few words about each of these folks
Mike Papageorge is a top notch designer that I am very lucky to have found through the reference of another friend. His development skills never cease to amaze me. I’m almost reluctant to link to him, because I don’t want other people to try to hire him while he could be helping me:)

If it wasn’t for WMW, I would have no hopes of being where I am today. Brett is the godfather of this amazing community.

Chris is another extremely sharp SEO – now working for Avenue A/ Razorfish.

Danny has given me the incredible opportunity to contribute as a speaker at Search Engine Strategies. He is among the wisest, well respected folks in search engine marketing, and for good reasons. His contributions over his ten year plus tenure are extraordinary, and he still has an incredible passion for search.

Dean was one of the first folks I really looked up to at webmasterworld, and has contributed to the community extensively with his comprehension of complex search technology.

Greg is a long time conference buddy that knows SEO inside and out.

Michael is one of my favorite SEO bloggers, that always has something interesting to say, and is one of few SEO’s with no real agenda for blogging great info.

is a standup guy, and longstanding member of IM-NY.


Dwight Zahringer is a fellow Michigander and biz partner.  Trademark Productions does online marketing in Michigan.

aka aussiewebmaster has paid for more meals than any SEO on the planet I think

– Both Greg Hartnett and Brian Prince are as real as the come. Just buy the listing

Jeremy is a real good guy, and an excellent web developer.

Jim is probably the king of link development, and taught me a ton in my time at Webuildpages.

Joe is a friend and business partner.

Josh is a great web designer/ developer who is constantly learning new techniques.

An outstanding SEO and good friend who I’m trying constantly to get to help me on projects — and a standup guy both personally and professionally.

Justin is great at Mod-rewrite, and a fine web developer.

Todd is one of few people I would consider a mentor in the arts of SEO.

  • PPC Wizard – Brad is by far the sharpest person I know at managing pay-per-click. His willingness to answer my PPC questions like I’m not a complete fool has always been an asset I couldn’t possibly overlook.
  • Sean S.

Avenue A is damn lucky to have picked Mr. Stahlman – An top notch SEO and great friend to have.

The man, the myth, the legend – Just buy the damn book.

Greg Boser is a no-nonsense SEO who I would classify as my other mentor along with Oilman – they do SEOrockstars on Webmasterradio, and if you don’t listen, you definitely should. They’re dropping gold on there.

I met George at my very first conference in Orlando, and have enjoyed bitching with him since then about plenty of industry BS. If you can manage to hire him, he’s a good guy to have on your side

  • Sugar Rae Hoffman – is as sharp as they come for freelance SEO’s. If you’re in a competive space and don’t mind ponying up for a good return on your investment – this is the gal you want.
  • Scott aka “caveman” of Client Side SEM – who always puts together the finest dinners at conferences. He also knows the search algos as well as anyone I know.
  • Lawrence Coburn of who also runs a great site called Sexy Widget. Lawrence was one of the first people I met at Pubcon Orlando in 2004, and showed me just how friendly the people in this community are. We discussed the finer points of arbitrage – and I can still look back on that conversation as one of the most fun I’ve had at a conference.

Thomas Bindl is a member of what I refer to as my “alumni of orlando pubcon 2004″ group of conference buddies – If you need SEO in German (or probably English for that matter) – this is a damn good guy to have on your side. ThomasB as he is well known is now even legal to consume alcohol in the states these days.

Lauren Vaccarello is a very good friend who is focused on consulting in the financial vertical for web analytics, SEO, and PPC. She also writes for the SEO Chicks