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SEO Certification and Training

MarketMotive SEO Certification

MarketMotive has spent over 4 years, establishing the priorities to teaching SEO core concepts in 90 days or less with video information, hands-on exercises  and guidance answering the tough questions.  SEO is a new field where the information changes quickly.  The only guarantee in SEO is that you will need to continue to learn to maintain top search positions and organic traffic growth.

SEO is a moving target, and teaching a skill set that is constantly changing is a bit like trying teach computer programming in a university.  Building curriculum that teaches fundamentals, best practices, and still stays current can be difficult.  Giving the best information requires constant updates, and constant learning.  This is why our content is constantly updated by faculty members “in the trenches” solving these problems hands-on every day.

Understanding how the web works is now absolutely essential for one’s business or career to succeed. Whether you are selling a product or selling yourself, you have to know how navigate the sea of information not only to benefit yourself or your business, but also how to benefit those that are searching for what you offer.

Search engines are by far the most powerful tools of discovery for anyone looking for information on the web; learning how they work can make or break your website’s traffic.

Ranking in search engines is not a magic potion and is not something that can be guaranteed by anyone. It’s hard work and takes time putting all the pieces in the right place. That’s why Todd joined the folks at Market Motive to teach go-getters and business owners the proper techniques in applying his tried-and-trusted SEO tactics to increase their web visibility.

Most can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars to come hear Todd speak about all the ins-and-outs of ranking and link building at conferences; Market Motive’s online marketing training program provides the kind of training you’d get at a big marketing conference in the comfort of your home. Plus, it’s online certification program will give you the seal of approval you need to ensure you need to create a reputable online presence – and give you something to brag about to your peers as well.

“It’s a Who’s Who in the Internet Marketing world.” – Website Magazine

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Here is a taste if what you’ll get to sink your teeth into as a member of the Market Motive training program:

Careers In Online Marketing Part 1 – Growth and Opportunity
3 part series on understanding career opportunities in online marketing.  There are a variety of different options, and you may be surprised to find the qualities and approach potential employers are looking for.
Careers In Online Marketing Part 2 – Choosing Your Path

Careers In Online Marketing Part 3 – Getting The Job

Choosing the Best Domain: Exact Match Domain Best Practices

12 Link Types and How to Get Them Learn about the different types of links you can obtain and how these links will ultimately build your backlink profile and effect your search engine rankings.

17 Top Local Search Ranking Factors – Todd Malicoat & David Mihm
Todd and David discuss the 17 top search ranking factors that effect your local search rankings and how it will improve your business.

18 Top Search Engine Ranking Factors – Todd Malicoat & Rand Fishkin
Rand from SEOMoz joins Todd in discussing the top on-page SEO factors, including tips to quickly increase your rankings, distributing link popularity, obtaining relevant anchor text, and more.

Here are what people are saying about the Market Motive training course:

“Market Motive is one of the best and most useful Internet marketing resources I’ve ever used.” -Jon Henshaw, Product Manager,

20 Things You Can Teach a HIPPO to Make Your Website Better: Part 1HIPPO stands for the “Highest Paid Person with an Opinion” that you employ; Todd and Avinash Kaushik show you how to analyze your web analytics to motivate your staff to understand the goals of the project in order to work smarter.

20 Things You Can Teach a HIPPO to Make Your Website Better: Part 2
Teaching your HIPPOS continues in Part 2, where are gurus discuss more in-depth insights, including the importance of your “About” page, hiding your content, and picking a better hosting provider.


“What you get with the service is high end written educational material, plus the ability to participate in direct Q&A with the expert staff involved in the company. And, expert staff they have.” –

“You can get full access to all the materials regardless of which type of course you apply for: SEO, PPC, web analytics, email marketing, social media etc. I feel like a dragon avatar looking at a pile of gold!!” –

A Guide to Getting Links: Part 1-7

No one wants wasteful links to their site. By understanding, and utilizing, the 6 Action Items and 6 Traits, you’ll be able to discover quality sites to acquire great links.

A Guide to Linkbuilding Part 1: Why links are so important
Links have always been a very important part of the search engine’s algorithms.  Find out what qualities and characteristics determine the equity, authority, and value of a link.
A Guide to Linkbuilding Part 2: The Link Building Process

Your website will need a link building process.  How will you do outreach?  What content assets will you use?  How will you monitor success of your backlink campaigns?
A Guide to Linkbuilding Part 3: Equity Education

A Guide to Linkbuilding Part 4: Prospecting for Links A Guide to Linkbuilding Part 5: Competitor Backlinks

A Guide to Linkbuilding Part 6: Approach Assessment

A Guide to Linkbuilding Part 7: Relationship Building and Tools

A Guide to SEOMoz Tools – Todd Malicoat
While there are endless amounts of free tools to make the best out of you site. Sometimes a premium site can be your best option. Here Todd explains why he prefers SEOMoz Tools.

A Guided Tour Of Free SEO Tools
In this section Todd lists his favorite free SEO tools. This is where you’ll be able to find registration for domain names, and also how to discover the location of your competitor’s links.

A Real World Guide to Getting Links
Landing quality links will make all the difference in the world on site. Todd discusses the four sources of backlinks, how to obtain ideal backlinks to your site and more.

Anatomy Of A Search Engine Result

Matt Bailey gives you a rundown on how search engines work and how to optimize the features of search engines to enhance your listing.

Competitive Research and KOB Analysis – Todd Malicoat
This valuable video segment gives you the process on which keywords to use to target SEO’s and when ranking for a keyword is not feasible.

Cracking the Google Algorithm with Todd Malicoat and Ted Ulle
Todd is joined by Ted Ulle of and Converseon for a discussion on the history of Google’s search algorithm patents, how it continues to evolve and you can get a grip on it.

Dueling Toolboxes with Todd Malicoat and Bryan Eisenberg
This conversation between Todd and Bryan Eisenberg compares their favorite tools and services for everything from browser tools to user testing sites.

Duplicate Content: Understanding & Fixing the Problem – Todd Malicoat
One of the biggest obstacles SEO’s face today is duplicate content. This tutorial defines what duplicate content, it’s history and the measures you can take to find a solution.

How Search Engines Work
Here you can find all the information you need to help your site obtain a high ranking. Included are the 3 elements to help you site rank well and tips from Google to help become a successful in search engines.

How to Sell Social Media Marketing for In House SEOs – Todd Malicoat
Todd makes a pitch for the value of social media marketing to sell your clients on. Here he explains the importance of getting a top story on site like Digg, the tools to gauge your success and how to use competitor’s success as a selling point.

Information Architecture for SEO – Part 1
Part 1 of this session details you, as the architect of your site, must not rely on bots to do all the work. Here you can find information on everything from how to build a site in spreadsheet to why you need to stop overusing keywords.

Information Architecture for SEO – Part 2
Part 2 of the previous sessions outlines how the pages on your site could actually be eating each other for keyword supremacy. Todd explains how to avoid that problem, how to exclude certain pages from indexing and some real life examples as a bonus.

International SEO
This conversation between Todd and Michael Bonfils detail the ways to break international borders. Whether you’re a large or small company doing international work, the session will cover the issues with language, duplicate content, link building and hosting.

Introduction to Local Search – Todd Malicoat & David Mihm

David Mihm teams up with Todd to give you an introduction into local search. Included are the differences between a local search and a general search, why every business needs a website and much more.

Introduction to SEO Copywriting Part 1
Matt Bailey explains the importance of having a goal for your site, knowing the vocabulary of your customers and why you need to avoid typical SEO vocabulary.

Introduction to SEO Copywriting Part 2
Matt concludes his session on SEO Copywriting with how to prevent users from merely scanning your content and how to build credibility among them.

Keyword Research for SEO – Todd Malicoat
Todd provides an in-depth video on the steps of doing keyword research, how to create a site taxonomy and the best tools to accomplish these tasks.

Managing Company SEO Projects – Jessica Bowman
SEO expert Jessica Bowman discusses how a SEO project changes in the world of big business. Jessica explains the importance of teamwork, building relationships in the early stages of a project, and why you should never call a SEO a project.

Mobile Marketing – Cindy Krum
Cindy Krum from Rank-Mobile outlines the importance of making sure your site looks great from any phone, how to rank in mobile-specific searches and how to obtain customers with mobile marketing campaigns.

Search Friendly Design – Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey discusses the guidelines that Google employs to enhance your site’s search visibility, the three elements that compose the foundation of your site and the most critical aspect of your SEO efforts.

SEO Copywriting Part 1: Developing a Content Strategy

Jennifer Laycock explains the differences between what your readers want and what search engines want. She’ll guide you through the balancing act between quality content and SEO considerations.

SEO Copywriting Part 2: Optimizing Your Content
Jennifer Laycock’s second video explains the 5 rules of copywriting and the mistakes to avoid, which will ensure that your content will engage readers and be attractive to search engines.

SEO for CEOs – Todd Malicoat
In a mere seven minute video, Todd Malicoat will explain what a SEO is, why a SEO is worth an investment and how to begin constructing a SEO program in your company.

SEO for CXOs – Todd Malicoat
Todd explains the 18 SEO variables that your team should be aware, the 9 questions the CxO should ask and the considerations for SEO tactics before, during and after the site build.

SEO Fundamentals & Best Practices
This whiteboard discussion with Todd and John Marshall tackle today’s hot topics, currents trends and tragedies in the SEO world. A priceless segment for beginners looking for SEO terms and SEO veterans.

Site Architecture and Taxonomy – Todd Malicoat
By providing examples of the three different type of websites (small website, blog and e-commerce) Todd discusses the importance of knowing how your site’s architecture appears to search engines and how to prevent your least important pages from draining your site’s potential.

Tips and Tools from Majestic SEO, Part 1
Todd is joined by Dixon Jones, Marketing Director at Majestic SEO, to explain the benefits of Majestic for link building.

User Experience vs Search Rankings
You may have obtained a high ranking for a site. But that’s useless if it doesn’t work properly. Here’s a session on how to make your sire easy for your visitors and how to get them to do what you want them to do on your site.

What To Do When Google Bans Your Website
What happens if your site disappears from Goggle? It could be anything for a technical error to something much bigger. Michael Stebbins details on how to resolve that issue.

Why Measuring By Rankings Is Wrong
Rankings shouldn’t be your site’s only accomplishment. Matt Bailey explains everything that makes rankings inaccurate and what you should be measuring for instead.

In addition to all of the killer training modules, you’ll also have access to all the other training from some of the industry’s top experts, learning even more in-depth information on other online marketing aspects like paid search and conversion optimization.

A Brief History of SEO, Part 1 – Todd Malicoat, Greg Boser, & Marshall Simmonds

Greg Boser of 3dogmedia and Marshall Simmons of the team up with Todd for an in depth discussion on the early days of search engine optimization from the perspective of SEO’s.

A Brief History of SEO, Part 2 – Todd Malicoat, Greg Boser, & Marshall Simmonds
Part 2 of the discussion between Todd, Greg and Marshall wraps up the history of how SEO’s became what they are today. Another video loaded with information including the number one problem SEO’s face wit mid to large size sites.

“As with you, I was a little leary going into. I mean is there really any true SEO Certification Course out there that is worth its salt. As I was learning more and more about the course being offered by Market Motive and Search Engine Journal, the more it sounded like this was worth it.” –

Search Marketing Resources

Google Webmaster Forum Ask questions straight from the source.

Webmaster Help Youtube Channel SEO Advice from Google

Webmaster Central Blog News from Google Webmaster Tools Where real webmaster’s learn real skills to build real sites. Where you go to talk to real webmasters with real experience when you have real problems with your website. Formed in 2007, SEOmoz has become an essential resource for SEOs. Through their online tools and tutorials, it’s no shocker that businesses, non-profit organizations, everyday people and even government organizations have turned to SEOmoz for consultation.

Search Engine Land For the past 11 years journalist Danny Sullivan has been covering everything on search engines. He now leads Search Engine Land, a site devoted to search engine marketing, searching issues, and the search engine industry.

Search Engine Roundtable The Search Engine Roundtable gathers the latest, and most interesting, threads going on Search Engine Marketing forums. Their sole purpose is to provide a single source for all your SEM forums needs.

SEMPO The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, SEMPO for short, is a membership organization focused on educating and building awareness of Search Engine Marketing. SEMPO also offers online courses and provides an extensive network of people within the SEM community.

Matt Cutts Matt Cutts began working for Google as a software engineer in 2000. He’s now the head of Google’s webspam team. His blog discusses trends involving gadgets and Google. He also offers advice, and reviews, to SEOs.

w3c The World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, is simply an international community that continues to develop protocol and guidelines for the Wed to ensure that it reaches it’s full potential. It’s led by Tim Berners-Lee, the man that created the World Wide Web.

SEO Book The paid service offers SEO training, which includes a hundred training modules, videos and access to an interactive forum. Their blog is free to read and features marketing tips, strategies, tools and access to lots of free advice.

Yoast/Joost De Vaulk Yoast is there to tweak your website from search engine rankings, to speed, to user experience run by Joost de Valk, a SEO consultant and web developer.