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What’s Your SEO Code? – Musings on Outing other Websites for Fun and Profit

Most people are taught that the first rule of SEO club is that you don’t talk about SEO club (some learn this rule harder than others.) This is an important question as far as most people in the SEO community are concerned. Based on the […]

Shoemoney Tools Board Member

Just a quick note to everyone to check out Shoemoney’s new Tools. I’m very proud to announce I’ll be on Jeremy’s Board to help out with the tools. They’ve got some great stuff in there already, and you can bet that Mr. Dillsmack will be […]

Recent Interviews – Search Engine Journal and Voices of Search

I did a couple of interviews at SMX Advanced in Seattle that have recently been published. Thanks to Tom Schmitz, the Seattle SEO, for the interview on Voices of Search – You can check it out here We talked about professional career progression, industry history, […]

Interview About Link Baiting and SEO Consulting with David Flowers

I spent about 45 minutes talking with David Flowers about a variety of topics including seo consulting, linkbaiting, social media marketing, and a variety of other SEM topics. I think it came out pretty nicely, and David had some great questions. You can listen to […]

Rush Hour – Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis on WebmasterRadio

My good buddies Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis must be working overtime these days. They’ve just recently become “evangelists” for Text Link Ads, and are also doing a new show called “Rush Hour” on – tune in for the first show which will be […]

Video on Social Media, Digg, and Choosing an SEO with Neil Patel

If you haven’t seen the videos on Webpronews, now is a good time to check them out. The fellas over at WPN have done a real nice job creating some very professional looking videos. I did a video with Mike McDonald, and Neil Patel of […]

My Best Posts of 2006

I have 18 posts listed – which means I’m good for about 1.5 GOOD posts per month. To all the bloggers out there – it’s really not about quantity – it’s about quality. Each one of these posts took MANY hours, but the links that […]

Charity Meme – and Florida Break Report

My favorite charities – St. Baldricks Leukemia Research foundation American cancer society FoodforEveryone Li tagged me (okay – this was a good cause, but no more blog tag please) My apologies to all the folks who e-mailed who I haven’t yet caught up with. I […]

Blog Tag – 5 things You Didn’t Know About Todd Malicoat

Despite it being the equivalent of an e-mail chainletter – it’s a fun meme – and it’s a great way to get to know some folks of the web. Ben Wills “blog tagged” me, so here goes. After a bit of hunting, I was also […]

Interview with Karl Ribas

I recently spent some time doing an interview with Karl Ribas for his site. I think it came out prettty decent. Check out the interview here if you get a chance. My personal favorite answer: As you’re well aware, Search Engine Marketing is a very […]