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10 Reasons Digg Could be the New Google, and Suggested Improvements

Despite being incredibly sick of always hearing about “the new google”, and not believing it can happen due to the extremely high barrier to entry, I think there *IS* still opportunity for someone to gain significant share of the stagnating search marketplace. The ONE major […]

The Search Marketer’s Guide to Digg

I’ve been playing with Digg quite a lot lately – it’s an interesting site with a very well defined user base (of alpha geeks). I decided to start taking notes on some of my favorite articles and information on Digg for your reading pleasure (and […]

Etiquette for Submitting Stories to Digg

I’ve been playing with digg quite a bit lately, and one of the big problems is duplicate story submissions – or power users walking over smaller users by resubmitting the same stories from different sources. In my opinion, it’s only right to give a digg […]