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Information Architecture 101 – Organize Your Website

I am constantly amazed at how poorly websites are organized. So many sites could rank better if only they organized their content and internal link structure more effectively. There’s two things every site needs more of: Content and Links. In order to scale and benefit […]

A Summary of 301 Redirect Knowledge

Redirects, Url-rewriting, changing and moving sites, and purchasing new sites are all hot topics in the world of SEO. These are things that you don’t want to make too many mistakes on, so you have better know them well even if you can’t necessarily do […]

A Guide to Search Engine Filters, Penalties, Bannings, and Reinclusion

“You’re not a true SEO until you’ve been banned at least once!”” – not sure who gets original credit for this one…most likely Boser, Oilman or perhaps Jake. Anyone who has pushed the bleeding edge of search engine optimization has had a site go greybar, […]

Free Backlink Analyzer from SEOBook

Do yourself a favor and checkout SEObook’s new backlink tool. Very impressive piece of FREE software bein’ given away by Aaron.

Balancing the Link Equation

At the WMW conference in New Orleans, I had the privilege of speaking on the “linking on a dime” panel (presentation here), and learned that public speaking most certainly cannot kill you (or at least it didn’t this particular time). The opportunity gave me a […]

A Blueprint for OpenRank – Text Link Valuation Litmus Test

I received an e-mail from Christoph Cemper this morning asking about my thoughts on the disappearance of PageRank. He also sent me a link to his excellent post about PageRank, Trustrank, Webrank – Where is the OpenRank? Considering it for a few moments, I thought […]

What the F? Eyetrack Studies Prove the Power of Organic Rankings

Yes, I’m a bit late on the commentary on this one, but after seeing it first hand I thought it was still very worthwhile. These studies are pretty cool, and offer insight and validation on working search marketing theories. I think this was my favorite […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume V – Content and Links

You want higher rankings, but you just want to press a magical button and see the traffic roll in. The truth is you’re probably not gonna get anywere near that magic button, so you had better start building two things – content and links. Here’s […]

Information Arms Race – SE’s vs. SEO’s

This has been a post I’ve been procrastinating on for quite some time now, but with the release of the most important SEO related document in the last 5 years according to WebGuerrilla, I thought it was about time to forge ahead, and at least […]

Spy vs. Spy: SEO Counterintelligence

Understanding and assessing the competition are a HUGE part of SEO, but when the competition also turns out to be a “conference buddy”, the lines sometimes get blurred. It’s still nice to have some ways to creatively discover what the other team is up to. […]