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Do Your Users Trust You?: 21 Tips for Improved Website Credibility

I often find myself accidently lumping in everything internet marketing with SEO. To me, SEO is just what you call someone with an insatiable hunger to learn about marketing online. The day you truly become an SEO could be the first time you read something […]

How to Access Myspace Bypassing Your School Firewall

*Disclaimer – You shouldn’t break rules. You shouldn’t break the law. I accept no responsibility if you do. How to access Myspace (or other sites) through your school firewall **update – VTunnel is said to work quite well as a proxy for accessing myspace. Easy […]

Caseless Case Study: The Will of Loyal Community Members

The next post I’ll be doing is a tutorial for myspace junkies on how to get through a firewall to access the site. Many schools will block access to myspace (probably for good reason), but loyal users are persistent. Roger actually pointed this out to […]

The Economic Lifecycle of a Search Engine Result

Sticking with my recent economics kick, I’m pondering the lifecycle of a search result. I think just about every keyword nearly qualifies as still being in the “boom period” as there is still relatively little competition being pushed out of emerging search result microeconomies. In […]

Finding a Good SEM Niche in ’06 – An Intro to SEO Economics

I did a session at SES Chicago on “Developing Your SEM Niche”. I think the only coverage was at WPN. It was the first time for the session, and I had some great panelists to help make me look good, but the content covered and […]

Wayback Machine Update?

I haven’t seen too many (any?) sites from 2005 in the wayback machine until today, and I do tend to check it quite often. Jim mentioned a while back that he had not seen it update since November 2004. Maybe they were reading his site, […]

Book Breakdown Break – The Search

Book: The Search by John Battelle Subtitle: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture Here’s the scoop: I really was excited when this came out. I purchased it, and waited a long time, and was ultimately quite pleased […]

Mike Marshall Talks SEM Logic

Thanks to Rand for pointing me in the direction of the staff of Fortune Interactive (including Andy Beal, and Mike Marshall). SEM Logic is a brilliant piece of programming done by a guy nice enough to talk to me for 25 minutes even though he […]

Scraper Sites and SE Ambiguity: What is Your Site’s Reading Level?

What is a scraper site Question from client: What do you make of this site? http:// goes here Whats the purpose? My response: It’s what we call a “scraper site” Designed specifically to game adsense and make money from clicks. It’s an evolution of […]

Think Ahead. Think Mobile Search Marketing (Mobile SEO)

Mobile search marketing and optimization is on it’s way, and Andy and Jimmy are on top of it over at Mobile Optimizers. I don’t usually do too many shameless plugs, but I’ve been really excited to jump into the fray on mobile search marketing, and […]