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MSO (MySpace Optimization) – The New SEO

Okay, so now that Myspace is the #1 site in the world, I think it’s finally time to embrace the space with a full marketer’s mentality. Despite the Myspace’s title being disputed, it’s hard to argue that there is an incredibly large market with a […]

A Peek Into the Google Algorithm

Last week, a gent by the name of Ruslan Abuzant, got a rare peak at a portion of the algorithm of Google, stumbling accross it when looking at the cached version of a multi-language page. He was kind enough to post his findings on digital […]

Guest Post – Company Branding Within Search Results

Editors note: My friend Calum Coburn had a nice article about company branding within search results that he offered to share, and seemed quite worthwhile. I hope you enjoy it as well. An important and often overlooked aspect of the Title Element (overlooked by the […]

How to Remedy Duplicate Content and Magical % Thinking

Unique content is a valuable commodity. There was a discussion on duplicate content in WMW supporters forum a few days ago, that I thought was worthy of a post for those who aren’t subscribed there (you should be though!). Duplicate content has become the big […]

Finally Switched to FeedBurner

I’m giving Feedburner a whirl, as it always seems like there is some cool functionality with it. I’m not sure if I got it all right or not yet, so if you see anything weird, please let me know. Thanks to Michael for his tip […]

Custom 404’s – Don’t Make Your Users Feel Stupid

Don’t make your users feel stupid. Make them laugh. Check your 404 page today and make sure it’s not the same old default techie drivel that sites lose users to every day. Preserve your web traffic with a few easy changes. Just in case – […]

ClickTracks Appetizer – Free Web Analytics Software

I was over perusing on Lee’s marketing blog when I noticed a post Thomas had done on Clicktracks appetizer. I’m a big fan of clicktracks mainly because the people behind it rock, they have excellent support and have made analytics extremly usable and yet still […]

Stuntdubl Search Marketing Consulting Best Posts Roundup

One of the main reasons I started this site was to have a point of reference for things, and my own sort of public bookmarks for discussion. I often go back through and read some of the posts, and several I reference more often than […]

Website Value 101 – How to Appraise a Website

This post has been updated here –  Building a Website You Can Sell If you own a website, you should understand how to buy or sell one. Buying and selling is at the basis of any viable business. The web business sure has changed the […]

MySpace Case Study Revisted: The Will of Loyal Community Members

A little while back I posted, “How to access Myspace by proxy through your school’s firewall“. I was pretty amazed by the lengths these users are willing to go to access their favorite site (if only they were so determined to do their schoolwork!). Myspace […]