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SEO is a Business School of Thought – Not a Process

Search engine optimization is no longer a process – it is a business school of thought – a philosophy. SEO is a thought process of using specific search marketing tools and principles for creating a successful business. SEO is making specific business decisions based on […]

18 Questions Your CEO Forgot to Ask When Building Your Website

Why are you always retrofitting and re-optimizing? Your CEO (or other decision maker) didn’t ask the right questions. You need to know how to build and promote a website from the ground up to be successful. Picture your perfect web presence. Visualize web 2.0 Zen. […]

Andy Hagans is a Master Link Baiter

I rarely do promotional posts unless I really believe in a product, and the person behind it. Andy has beat me to providing a linkbaiting service that I think will hold an enormous amount of value for subscribers. The service consists of writing an article […]

12 Easy Quality Indicators to Combine to Prove Trust

There are several quick easy ways to establish some trust for your domain. There are really no excuses to not have most of this stuff for any legitimate business website. It’s so easy and the opportunity cost is extremely low compared to the potential benefits. […]

The Marketing Guy That Speaks Techie

A good SEO is both a geek and a suit, and is able to speak the language of both worlds. Providing SEO services without understanding both business and techie principles is the equivalent of trying to teach english to spanish children without knowing both languages […]

The Trust Knob is WAY too High – Google Trustbox

Firstly, it’s a Trustbox, not a Sandbox. “Trust filters” seem to be a large portion of what has most SEO’s in a frenzy over search engine’s currently. There are pros and cons to the trustbox for folks on both sides of the fence, and the […]

Being an SEO – Can We Start SEO 2.0?

We’ve already discussed SEO generations, how some folks entered the industry at different times and learned from others. Outside of the SEO sphere, however, SEO seems to elicit a much different response from folks based on their different (often negative) experiences with those claiming to […]

Top 10 Reasons it’s Great to Be a SEO

10. You can say you know Aaron Wall and Rand. Because most people will never “get it” and that’s a good thing. Everybody’s an expert because even the most experienced have only done it about 10 years. You get to read Matt’s “seo blog” You’ve […]

If SEO DID Exist…

If SEO DID Exist… Would it be a noun our a verb?

Link Baiting (How Nick Wilson Created SEO Even Seth Godin Could Love)

I’m pretty sure Nick Wilson gets credit for the idea of bringing linkbaiting mainstream. While Nick is certainly now well known in blogger circles, he’s got a background in the SEO community. Linkbaiting is a viral marketing idea created by someone with the mind of […]