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Query Specific Search Engine Ranking Variables

I would say at least 3 out of 10 valid SEO theories evolve from sheer stark raving lunacy, so I’m gonna take a bit of a stab at a decent discussion on one. Perhaps this is already common knowledge, but I haven’t heard it discussed […]

The Magic Formula for Retail Website Success

Okay, the title is a hoax. You caught me. I’m a liar who likes to tell stories. There is no “magic formula for website success”. There are only best practices. As a search engine marketer (SEO/ SEM..whatever you want to call it), we are really […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XVII – Press Release Tools

If you have a business and you have news, you need to announce it. Enter PR – public relations…or press releases…that other PR. As search engine marketing evolves towards traditional media marketing, this type of optimization will become more and more important. Understand the old […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XVI – Social Bookmarking Tools

So I’ve just started diving into the world of social bookmarking, and I think there are some very valuable tools out there for those in the world of internet marketing. I decided to spend a bit of time and explore exactly what is available and […]

Personalized Search and Trustrank – Death to Link Based Algorithms

Another post on the death of SEO and how the game will change. Speak in heuristics and personalization, not algorithms and optimization. Think conversion and sales not traffic and rankings. Pagerank was flawed and the flaws are being remedied. The question is…how long has Trustrank […]

SEO is a Catchphrase – SEO Consulting

What they do: SEO consultants are generally project managers. They coordinate all aspects of website development and promotion for optimal search rankings. Clients look to an SEO consultant to provide input, and many times definitive answers on what the best methodology is to approach a […]

All Your Searches are Belong to Us

G releases search history – personalized search. Click SEO and Search on me. Some privacy advocates would likely go nuts with this offering. It is all opt in though. I encourage everyone to sign in, search for seo, scroll past the Japanese stuff, and click […]