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Google to Release Adwords API

They’re should be some cool tools to come with the Google Adwords API released. While I’m not a coder, and this does me personally very little good, I imagine their will be some great innovation here to push the limits in the PPC industry. From […]

The End of Keyword Arbitrage Draws Nearer – January 2005 Cutoff

Sounds like a more official rumor that only one affiliate will be allowed to bid per site. This is really a shame from an affiliate perspective, but after recent issues with affiliate from a manager perspective, it will make affiliate management a bit easier. Imagine […]

Are the Days of Keyword Arbitrage Dwindling? Will Google Ban Affiliates?

Keyword arbitrage has been on basically since Adwords began I would assume. The essence of it is similar to the stock market…basically, buy the traffic low and sell the conversions high. If I spend .05 for for 100 visitors and one of them makes a […]

Google Adwords Certification Program for Advertising Professionals

Shak at WW gets credited for breaking this story. The “My Control Center” is a great way to manage multiple Adwords accounts, and Google is offering an “Advertising Professionals Certification” Requirements:-Sign up for the program successfully and be in good standing. This means that you’ve […]

New Google Adsense TOS Allow up to 3 Sets of Ads – Goooooogle Branding

A great post at Webmasterworld, about some of the new changes with the Adsense Terms of Service. There is also a discussion goin’ on about how foolish the new “branding excercise” showing ads by goooooogle on adsense. Check out the adsense and adwords forums at […]