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Re-Upping Your Google Adwords Certification – Tips, Tricks, and Tools

If you earned your Google Adwords certification close to when the program was launched, it’s about time to re-take your test, and prove you’re still qualified. If you’re like, me, and don’t do a whole lot of PPC, this could be tough. (I mainly do […]

Top 11 Reasons SEO is Better Than PPC

I stopped by my buddy Brad “Ewhisper” Geddes site today to send him a funny list of dumb PPC ads, and noticed his Top 10 reasons PPC is better than SEO. Of course, I had to add a little one-upsmanship. In reality, both SEO AND […]

The Magic Formula for Retail Website Success

Okay, the title is a hoax. You caught me. I’m a liar who likes to tell stories. There is no “magic formula for website success”. There are only best practices. As a search engine marketer (SEO/ SEM..whatever you want to call it), we are really […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XII – Pay-per-click Tools

Pay-per-click is a fantastic way to drive and test traffic. A good PPC campaign is great for those who truly understand marketing. Do something. Test. If it works. Do more of it. If it doesn’t – do less. Easy right? It boggles my mind when […]

What the F? Eyetrack Studies Prove the Power of Organic Rankings

Yes, I’m a bit late on the commentary on this one, but after seeing it first hand I thought it was still very worthwhile. These studies are pretty cool, and offer insight and validation on working search marketing theories. I think this was my favorite […]

Button Pusher SEO, Information Pollution, and “The Blend”

Button pusher SEO is usually what the “white hat” mouseketeers like to whine about loudest. The rationale, is that it is that it is really easy to do, and tends to be on the “spammy” side because of things because it is generally somewhat automated. […]

Speculation: MSN Planning to Release PPC Program Soon

The rumor that spilled and started yesterday was that MSN will be announcing their new pay per click service very soon. While this is not a big surprise in itself since they have been recruiting for the positions associated with the new service for quite […]

I Just Want an Adwords Professional Logo

One of the reasons I have a site like this (I refuse to use the “b-word”) is to vent when I get a little miffed. Sometimes it might come across as a little whiney (and this might be one of those times)…but hey…it’s my site […]

Adwords Doesn’t Like Inside Jokes

This is really goofy, so skip it if you don’t like the occassional cheesy inside joke be forewarned. Story: -Mr. Ploppy was used an example by someone in a WMW thread. I believe someone told someone else the magic command for checking if you are […]

Google Adsense Personalization – Tangent into Search Personalization

I saw this story a couple places yesterday, and it seems like a pretty cool idea. User controlled ads make a site experience more personalized…something I am certain we will see big G movin’ to more and more in the near future. Localization is already […]