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Random Thought – Gift Certificates for Links

I started this post a while back, and thought I’d toss the idea out even though it’s far from complete. Maybe some other day. Justilien had a nice post about asking your customers to help you build your business with links. I really like the […]

Interview with Roger Montti – Martinibuster on Links, SEO/SEM, Marketing and Life

Roger “Martinibuster” Montti was kind enough to give me a bit of his time to run through some of the recent issues on marketing on the web and it’s evolution. Hope you’ll enjoy the read. Todd:It was nice to get a chance to hang out […]

The Best Link Ninjas are Great Searchers – Creative Queries Drive Rankings

“Never scream just before attacking another ninja from behind. This will only alarm the ninja that you are about to do something funky.” -Ninja wisdom Imagine you’re a ninja warrior. If you only know kung-fu and how to use a pair of nung-chucks, what’s going […]

Link Ninjas Link Development Training

The Webmasterworld conference in Las Vegas was great as usual. Thanks to all the people who made for enjoyable conversations (you know who you are). Special thanks to Brett and company who always put on a great show, and to our gracious Grand Canyon tour […]

10 Tips for Training a Link Developer

Link development has changed. Links pages suck. Your reciprocal link value is defiintely goin’ down hill. You can outsource all day long and gain very little value from it. Roll with the changes, and stay ahead of the curve. Get yourself a qualified link developer […]

Example of a Good Link Request E-mail

Despite being unsolicited, good e-mail link requests still *do* exist. Their not easy to do, because any webmaster with sites in the top 1000 for ANYTHING is tired of gettin’ arelis generated garbage requests that go out to everyone elese in the top 1000. Make […]

Free Backlink Analyzer from SEOBook

Do yourself a favor and checkout SEObook’s new backlink tool. Very impressive piece of FREE software bein’ given away by Aaron.

The Art of Writing a Good Link Request Part II – Dr. Weaver Revisited

It seemed like folks were somewhat interested in how to frame a good link request, so I thought I’d write a bit more on the subject. As a lot of people know, I am a big fan of Seth Godin’s work, and try to apply […]

The Art of Writing a Good Link Request

So in Jim’s session at the conference, someone asked in the Q and A about what type of subject to use for a link request, and I realized what an art form link requests have really become. It’s TOUGH to get folks to give you […]

Examples of Bad Reciprocal Link Requests

I get bad link requests all the time. I’m sure you do as well. The below is only a few days worth Don’t be a e-mail link request spammer. My next post will be an example of a good dialogue. Example 1 Dear Friends, We […]