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12 Different Types of Links and How To Get Them

Been meaning to do a revisit of the types of links that I discussed from “Balancing the Link Equation”, which is based on the thought process from a couple Pubcon presentations. Andy and Aaron just put out an excellent guide of 101 link building tips, […]

What’s Your Link Worth? Link Calculator from Text Link Ads

The guys over at Text Link Ads got a cool new little tool called the Link Calculator to give you an estimate of what your links might be worth. More info on it over at the Link building blog. It’s pretty handy as a baseline […]

The 5 minute Link Value Test – 6 Link Quality Indicators

Getting links is hard work. It’s very difficult to solicit links with no value proposition. It’s difficult to develop a value proposition if you have no sense of what you’re negotiating for. This is one of the key reasons why understanding the value of links […]

How to Get the Links You Need – Doing the Math on Link Building

I had a recent e-mail conversation that I felt was worth publishing publicly (with permission of course), due to the frequency I receive this type of question. Link development is highly important, and quality link development is a valuable skill. That being said, it is […]

Explaining the Value of Viral Marketing Through an Understanding of Text Link Value

Link valuation is the most fundamental component of current SEO strategies in my mind. There are certainly other important aspects to ranking well, but without understanding how to put a value on a link you are sunk. That’s why I harp about it on a […]

How to Write Successful Subject Titles for Link Requests

Unfortunately, not everyone on the web wants to hear from you. As people’s personal filtering systems get better, the odds that your message is received declines. Subject lines are a big part of how I do my personal e-mail filtering. When I say “personal e-mail […]

You Can Never be too Rich, too Thin, or Have too Many Links

…I came up with the title in a hurry after watchin’ too much E channel, pop news, and reality TV garbage while working on my laptop being too lazy to pick up the remote and turn the channel. G-dub was also inspirational with his, “no […]

Karmic Linking Structures with Good ROI on

Greg Niland and I sat down and talked links, SEO, karma, and many things internet marketing. I also noticed that sometime today he demonstrates in Webmasterworld supporters forum why it’s good pay attention to what good smart people are saying with his recent – How […]

Link Baiting (How Nick Wilson Created SEO Even Seth Godin Could Love)

I’m pretty sure Nick Wilson gets credit for the idea of bringing linkbaiting mainstream. While Nick is certainly now well known in blogger circles, he’s got a background in the SEO community. Linkbaiting is a viral marketing idea created by someone with the mind of […]

Win $1000 LinkBaiting for BizNiche Media

Linkbait n. Something that attracts a multitude of inbound links to a website Linkbaiting v. The process of creating linkbait Linkbaiting is the new link development. Come up with a good idea for Andy and you’ll make some money. Come up with a good idea […]