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You Can Never be too Rich, too Thin, or Have too Many Links

…I came up with the title in a hurry after watchin’ too much E channel, pop news, and reality TV garbage while working on my laptop being too lazy to pick up the remote and turn the channel. G-dub was also inspirational with his, “no […]

Karmic Linking Structures with Good ROI on

Greg Niland and I sat down and talked links, SEO, karma, and many things internet marketing. I also noticed that sometime today he demonstrates in Webmasterworld supporters forum why it’s good pay attention to what good smart people are saying with his recent – How […]

Interview with Roger Montti – Martinibuster on Links, SEO/SEM, Marketing and Life

Roger “Martinibuster” Montti was kind enough to give me a bit of his time to run through some of the recent issues on marketing on the web and it’s evolution. Hope you’ll enjoy the read. Todd:It was nice to get a chance to hang out […]