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“SEO From All Sides” – Interview on E-marketing Talkshow

I’ll be doing a show with Cindy Turrietta and the e-marketing talkshow group tomorrow evening if you’d like to check it out. We’ll be talking about “SEO from all sides” – as a vendor, consultant, consumer, and DIY’er. I’ll post links to the podcast if […]

Interview with Darren McGlaughlin of Sootle Directory

Talked to Darren over on his website about a few different topics – check it out if you get a chance.

Interviewed by Ben Wilks

Ben Wilks is planning to interview some brilliant minds in the world of the search, in the meantime – he interviewed me. If you don’t get enough of me blathering about search, there is some more on Ben’s site.

SEO Rockstars Interview Podcast is Live

Download the show. Got a chance to talk with Greg, and Todd on SEORockstars We talked a bit about consultancy work, and answered some of the questions that were asked in advance, including old sites, auctioned domains, social networking, and more. I even got ‘em […]

SEORockstars – Tuesday at 7:00 EST – Suggestions?

Got a message from Mr. Oilman late last week asking if I’d like to do part of SEORockstars with him. I asked what the topic would be (already knowing the answer) – so I have a few ideas I’m bouncing around, and would be happy […]

Lee Dodd Launches

I’ve spent a lot of time recently catching up on podcasts, and was lucky enough to catch Jeremy (aka shoemoney) talking with Lee Dodd on Net Income. I hadn’t come accross much of Lee’s stuff in the past, unfortunately, but he seems like a […]

Interview at SEOBuzzBox

Interview with Todd Malicoat at SEO Buzzbox

Quote of the Day – Links are Now Votes, Not References

“…the meaning of a link has been transformed from a reference to a vote.” – Bill Slawski, from his interview with Aaron. THIS is how Google has, and continues to change the face of the web. Thanks for putting it into simple context for us […]

Echoeing Click Stream as an Algorithm Validator

Fun commentary, but technology sometimes sucks…Graywolf and I talked with Greg about click stream analysis and its’ potential impact on search engine results positions. Most people that talk about search engine rankings sometimes forget to realize that there are 100’s if not 1000’s variables to […]

Nick Wilson Talks About Performancing Metrics Performance

Download the new free beta Performancing Metrics here. I really like stats and most other webmasters and SEO’s do as well. Stable positive stats over time is one of the nicest things we can hope for. While Performancing Metrics is geared more strictly towards bloggers, […]