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Text Link Quality and Valuation Guide

Link valuation is a difficult subject to quantify. Most SEO’s will tell you that coming up with a value of a text link is a “gut feel”, which really doesn’t help much when you are deciding to drop hundreds or thousands per month on a […]

New Orleans Webmaster World Conference 2005 –
The Big Picture in the Big Easy June 21st – 24th

It’s official! WMW Search and Marketing Conference in New Orleans. DON’T Miss this event. Certain to be a good time had by all, and there’s no place better to learn about search engine optimization. June 21st – 24th Brett Tabke, CEO of said, “With […]

The Metaphysics of Relevance

‘Quality,’ as described by Pirsig, cannot be directly defined. Likening it with the Tao, Pirsig believes that Quality is a force in the universe stimulating everything from atoms to animals to evolve and incorporate ever greater levels of Quality “Relevance” and search quality seem to […]

Save on SEO – Increase Your Website Conversion saw the light. “Practicing SEM without addressing usability issues is like buying ad space during the Super Bowl and then turning the lights off. It’s hard to do business when your customers can’t find what you’re selling,” says company President, Gregg Banse. “lorax” from […]

Everybody Still Needs Links – Hunting Tips

The high demand for links because of their importance in Yahoo, Google, and MSN has pretty much changed the face of the web. Like it or not, your website needs links to be competitive in the internet marketplace. A link campaign really needs to be […]

Adwords Doesn’t Like Inside Jokes

This is really goofy, so skip it if you don’t like the occassional cheesy inside joke be forewarned. Story: -Mr. Ploppy was used an example by someone in a WMW thread. I believe someone told someone else the magic command for checking if you are […]

Good Advice is Profound in it’s Simplicity

Some of the best suggestions I’ve heard in the last few months (most are not exact quotes): “Write a few paragraphs – take out all of the targeted keywords and replace with blanks. Ask someone to identify what word should go in the blanks. Repeat […]

Google Adsense Personalization – Tangent into Search Personalization

I saw this story a couple places yesterday, and it seems like a pretty cool idea. User controlled ads make a site experience more personalized…something I am certain we will see big G movin’ to more and more in the near future. Localization is already […]

It’s Not Easy Being a Guerilla – Guerilla Marketing for a Job

I’m not REAL certain why someone would want to work at an ad agency, but these two bright creative minds pulled some pretty cool stunts in order to get noticed. I personally enjoyed the folded “remember us” business card with their mug shuts. This is […]

A New Internet Marketing Company – Time to Move

So my big news for the week is that this is my last week at SAMSA, as I’m leaving to pursue a great opportunity with a new Internet marketing company where I will be doing consulting as well as a variety of other things (link […]