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A Blueprint for OpenRank – Text Link Valuation Litmus Test

I received an e-mail from Christoph Cemper this morning asking about my thoughts on the disappearance of PageRank. He also sent me a link to his excellent post about PageRank, Trustrank, Webrank – Where is the OpenRank? Considering it for a few moments, I thought […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XII – Pay-per-click Tools

Pay-per-click is a fantastic way to drive and test traffic. A good PPC campaign is great for those who truly understand marketing. Do something. Test. If it works. Do more of it. If it doesn’t – do less. Easy right? It boggles my mind when […]

Discounts on 2005 Webmaster World Search Conference in New Orleans

We have a handful of 25% off coupons for the conference, and even more 10% off. These will be given out on a first come, first serve basis and we cannot retroactively discount any conference purchases that have already been made. If you are interested […]

SEO is a Catchphrase – Web Development

What they do: Web design and development is a key component to any internet marketing campaign. Web developers are responsible for the functional end of a site, while web designers are responsible for the aesthetic side of things. There has always been somewhat of a […]

SEO is a Catchphrase – SEO Consulting

What they do: SEO consultants are generally project managers. They coordinate all aspects of website development and promotion for optimal search rankings. Clients look to an SEO consultant to provide input, and many times definitive answers on what the best methodology is to approach a […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume X – Ploppy Goes Blackhat – Blackhat Tools

Notes by Admin: I tried to stop him, but Mr. Ploppy got hold of a bottle of absinthe over the weekend and it’s been all bad mojo since then. He insisted on releasing this post despite asking him not to. He claims that he is […]

What the F? Eyetrack Studies Prove the Power of Organic Rankings

Yes, I’m a bit late on the commentary on this one, but after seeing it first hand I thought it was still very worthwhile. These studies are pretty cool, and offer insight and validation on working search marketing theories. I think this was my favorite […]

Mr. Ploppy Ponders Relevancy and New Tools

There were two EXCELLENT resources released in the world of SEO this past week. Aaron Walls “Link Harvester” tool, and Barry’s Search relevancy challenge. I’ve decided to rant on both and why I think these are both big strides for the search community. Firstly, the […]

SEO is a Catchphrase – Public Relations and Advertising Agencies

Public Relations and Advertising Agencies – What they do:PR firms and ad agencies tend to handle the “traditional” advertising campaigns through media channels such as radio, television and print. While MANY of the concepts of marketing and advertising are similar in the new media advertising […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume VIII – Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Tools

You simply cannot win if you don’t understand your competition. Finding out what the competition is doing to be on top is key to getting their yourself. Put your competition under the microscope and find out what they are doing well, and how you could […]